2019 New Collection of Sunglasses from China

You don’t need a blazing sun to wear sunglasses, but it’s definitely an incentive, and with summer just around the corner, it’s time you up your game with the 2019 new collection of sunglasses from China.

Disoglasses is the latest sunglasses trend in 2019 for you to try on. From circular to square, vintage to modern, and neutral to bright colored, their new collections have them all.

This year’s sunglasses trends favor strong geometric frames and vibrant colored sunglasses. Have no fear, though, you’ll still find your classics. Just be prepared for nice twists and touches that will make you stand out, while still keeping it low key.

Tiny, impractical sunglasses that are too small for any UV protection might be out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go small in 2019. There’s a debate around skinny sunglasses that they don’t offer that much sun protection but they’re so high-fashion that no one is able to stop themselves from joining the crowd. Make sure you pick lenses with maximum UV protection just for good measure. If you want to exude confidence wherever you go, then small and skinny shades are just the thing for you. To keep the vibe, look for clean, slightly upswept silhouettes and dark lenses.

Timeless and flattering to both men and women, aviator sunglasses are a great choice for summer eyewear. This year’s aviator-style goes beyond the norm, introducing sporty silhouettes, both retro and modern styles, in classic size and oversize. A pair of iconic retro glasses can take any guy’s accessory game from zero to hero.

One of the biggest sunglasses trends that rose from the ashes last year and keeps burning today is the tinted glasses lenses. This sunglasses style comes with a rainbow of pastel colors in terms of lenses for you to take your pick, from pink and yellow to orange and light blue. Although they don’t offer much protection from the sun if you’d be wearing them on the beach; they can serve as an accessory that will dress up any of your spring outfits.

If you want to stand out from everyone else, choose a timeless double-bridge style that will definitely get you noticed. There’s nothing like a subtle tortoiseshell detail to show off your distinctive sense of style. The tortoiseshell pattern will never go out of style. Mix them with a big cat-eye frame and you tick two of the hottest sunglasses trends of 2019.

If you’re into top quality and unique accessories, then keep up with the latest Disoglasses sunglasses trends from China.

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