3 Essential Tips To Encourage The Creativity In Your Child

Every child is creative and imaginative. It’s important to encourage this creativity in your child.

Along with a lot of active physical play which is great for their physical development, they should be engaged into arts and crafts so as to foster the creative side of their personality.

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To do this, give your kid plenty of space, time and materials for play. Praise her for her creative activity. Encourage using old, recyclable household and natural items to create things.

1. Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity

Giving your kid ample space, materials and time is very important. He would like to be spontaneous during his creative play. Hence, it’s better to follow his lead.

However, sometimes she would also like you to join her. At such times, you should actively join her so as to develop her understanding and skills.

Let your child know that it’s nice to create things in various ways rather than doing it in a single conventional way.

For example, let him know how he can make flowers using different materials of various shapes and colours or how he can build a castle in various ways.

As such you can give your kid the best kids craft table at Step2 Direct but other than that you can also give her various inexpensive items that you or she can find in and around your house.

After your kid finishes, give him a lot of love and praises. This will boost his confidence and he’ll be encouraged to keep creating.

2. Creating Arts and Crafts

Here are a few ideas to boost your kid’s creativity to create something beautiful out of ordinary things. However, you have to remember to identify the child’s mood and act accordingly rather than pressing.

  • Give your child a box to create an ‘activity box’ where he can place things like paper scraps, strings, stickers, straws and whatever he may think useful for creating something new.
  • Dry leaves can be excellent to create various amazing shapes on paper by colouring them.Take your child in a park or woods where she can collect dry leaves and other materials like feathers, rocks, etc.
  • Give your child plastic bottles, egg shells etc. and suggest to create people. It’s not necessary that he should create faces with egg shells; he can draw eyes, nose and lips on the bottles too.
  • Give your kid an empty cardboard box and suggest to create a house, an animal, a robot or a truck out of it. Encourage decorating it by painting it or with various decorative materials.

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3. Performing Music and Dance

Even for performing music and dance, you can encourage your child to use household items. Here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage your child to make dance movements on her favourite music.
  • Show your child animal videos where animals make various soundswhile moving in the wild. Encourage him to copy those sounds.
  • Suggest your child to use a wooden spoon and a saucepan and its lid as a drum kit.

Get a kids soccer goal at Step2 Direct; but also, get him arts and crafts materials which will help his overall growth.

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