4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Leather Shoes

Formal Shoes for men that last for years are generally made of leather. If you take proper care of formal leather shoes for men, they will not tarnish, chip, and damage with time. Since leather shoes are expensive and become better with time like a fine wine, caring for them properly makes sense. 

Leather shoes look extremely gorgeous, go well with anything, and are highly comfortable. So, chances are, you wear them almost every other day. Do you know that with little care and tips kept in mind, you can extend their lives?

To keep the leather formal shoes for men looking their best, one should clean them on a regular basis, specifically in harsh weather, condition them each month, and polish them for a lovely sheen. And when they are not being worn, they should be stored properly. 

  1. Cleaning the Shoes 

The initial step in cleaning the shoes involves removing dirt with a soft cloth and getting rid of any grime and dirt using a clean and dry cloth. You should first try to scare off loose mud and then wipe away excess salt.

Invest in a good cleaner, which will remove the dirt without damaging your shoes’ surface. You can buy a soft brush instead of a cloth as well. If you want to remove salt stains, mix 2 parts of water with 1 part of vinegar and then rub the solution against the stain using a soft brush or cloth. Then, let the shoes dry naturally before you polish them. 

  1. Polishing 

The first step while polishing the leather formal shoes for men is to take out the laces, as they can come in between and prevent the proper spreading of conditioner or polish. The general rule of thumb is to polish them every 25 times you wear them. Conditioning makes sure the leather is moisturized and does not crack or dry. 

During extremely cold temperatures, you should condition the shoes every 5-10 times of wearing. While polishing, use horsehair brush or soft cloth to gently polish the shoe in a circular motion until the entire piece is polished. 

  1. Weatherproofing 

In areas with icy and snowy winters, weatherproofing leather formal shoes for men is a must. You can use beeswax or spray-on product for a good seal against harsh weather. Apply the product to your shoe and then using a brush or cloth, spread it throughout the shoe gently. Then, let your shoes dry. 

  1. Storing 

How you store your shoes plays an important role in deciding how long they will last. If the shoes are wet due to water, sweat, or dew, put rolled newspapers in them to absorb the moisture. If you are storing your shoes for a long time, put a shoe tree inside each one so that they do not lose their shape over time. Lastly, store them in a breathable bag and not in a closed box. 

The Bottom Line 

If you take proper care of formal shoes for men made of leather, they will last for years. Caring for your leather shoe pair is not time-consuming and challenging. Also, you do not need expensive products to keep them shining and in good shape for several years. Using the above-mentioned steps, you can keep your leather shoes new for years to come. 

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