5 Occasions To Gift Peonies Based On What Their Colors Mean

Peonies come in a variety of beautiful and charming colors. Each color of the peony flower has a different meaning. That’s why they are suitable for every special occasion.

Weddings, celebrations, apologizing, and new beginning moments are special occasions to gift peonies.

The fact about peonies

Peonies were formerly known as the flower symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the flower of the 12th birthday. This perennial flower blooms between late spring and early summer.

If cared for properly, peonies can continue to bloom for nearly 100 years.

Decades ago peonies were discovered in Chinese plantations, then spread to Japan.

In the past, peonies were used for medicine until they finally reached mainland Europe and America. On these two continents. Peonies are most often used in decorations and for celebrations, which they deserve, because of their charm.

The number of species of this flower can vary, according to the American Peony Society, there are 48 species of peonies, while Britannica reports 30 species and 3 distinct groups, namely herbaceous Eurasian peonies, moutans, peonies, and North American peonies.

There are several myths surrounding how the peony got its name. One of them tells the story of Paeon, the healer of the gods in Greek mythology, who used peony juice to heal Pluto.

The second tells the story of Paeonia, which catches Apollo’s attention, makes Aphrodite act out of jealousy, and turns the nymph into a peony. In both legends, peonies are associated with healing and attraction.

Recommendation 5 occasions to gift peonies based on what their colors mean

Sometimes it is very difficult to express our feelings directly, be it angry, sad, or happy. Flowers are one way of expressing these feelings without having to be expressed in words. here are 5 occasions to gift peonies based on what their colors mean

  1. White Peony = Apology

As a human, you must have made mistakes, and regretted them. But sometimes it’s hard to say sorry. If that is indeed what you are experiencing, flowers can be a solution for you to apologize.

If you need to apologize, buy some white peonies. White peonies are not only a symbol of beauty, they are also interpreted as shame and remorse, making them an expression of regret and atonement.

  1. Red peonies = Celebration

Celebrating happy moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations doesn’t feel complete without being decorated with beautiful flower arrangements.

Peonies are one of the flowers that are suitable to beautify the atmosphere of celebrating your happy moments, and red is a suitable color to describe your feelings.

Red peonies symbolize love, passion, prosperity, wealth, and honor. You can surprise your partner with red peony flowers.

  1. Yellow peonies = New Beginning

In a person’s life, various phases must be traversed to make them more mature. Getting a job promotion, or opening a new business are examples.

Giving a flower bouquet to loved ones who are starting a new beginning could be the best way to congratulate them on their achievements or show positive prayers and hopes that they will always be blessed with success.

Starting a new beginning phase is the right occasion to gift peonies. You can choose Yellow peonies that symbolize new beginnings, the meaning is related to anyone who starts a new chapter in their life, be it a new job, or something new to achieve.

  1. Pink peonies = Wedding

Getting married is one of the most beautiful moments in life, so many people are willing to spend money to make this moment sacred and full of meaning in their lives. One way to make this moment happen is to decorate it with beautiful flowers.

Flowers of various types and shapes will be beautiful when used as wedding decorations. You can be creative by using flowers as aisle decorations, photo backdrops, and hanging decorations.

But apart from being a decoration, another use of flowers is as a wedding flower bouquet. Wedding flower bouquets are not only as decoration but also make the bride more graceful and beautiful.

Peonies are one of the most widely used flowers for weddings. The beauty of the color and shape will further add to the atmosphere of a more memorable wedding day.

Pink is arguably the most classic color, and pink peonies are often seen at weddings, as they represent a happy marriage, good luck, and prosperity.

Not just beautiful, peonies have their meaning. This flower can be a symbol of love, happiness, prosperity, and better fortune, and each color of the Peony Flower has a different meaning.

Hopefully, this recommendation will help you to choose the right peony flower for your special occasion. Whether it’s an official or an informal occasion, you can bring peonies to beautify the atmosphere of your special occasion with your partner, friends, or your family.

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