6 Creative Ideas To Make Your Children’s Holidays Colourful

Although kids always wait eagerly for exams getting over and getting a chance to play whether indoors or outdoors, it’s commonly seen that just after a few days of vacation they get bored.

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This is because, just like grownups, children too want a change, although it may be the vacation. In such a condition, parents always face a big question what variety they should present to the children.

Here are a few ideas that will solve this problem and may also trigger your creativity to get more ideas.

Take Them on a Picnic

Find a spot, such as a park or woods, which you’ve never visited before and take your children there for a picnic.

Encourage them to explore the nature, watch birds and butterflies, grasses and wildflowers, and breathe in fresh air.

1. Turn Your Kids’ Room into a Cinema Hall

Although you should keep your children active and away from screens, it’s a good idea to let them watch their favourite movie once in a while, but in an atmosphere which is like a real-life cinema.

Here the atmosphere is more important than the movie which your children will definitely love.

Download, rent or buy a movie that your children love a lot, close curtains to create a low-light ambience, arrange chairs in rows and let children sit back and enjoy.

To add to the cinema hall feel, set a table in a corner with real snacks for sale for toy money to munch on during intervals.

2. Conduct a Match

Ask your children to invite their friends for a match of their favourite sport in your backyard. Put a scoreboard in a corner of the yard and offer a small trophy to the winning team.

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3. Take a Family Bike Ride

As such, you can go on a family car ride. Try something new in the form of a family bike ride. Here you’re needed to be able to ride a bike.

Find a nearby destination and head towards it on one fine morning on bikes with the kids. Take halts at roadside inns or even on the bank of a river, stream or lake.

Carry bags of healthy and light snacks and your children’s favorite toys. You can buy outdoor toys for boys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or you can do your own research online.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

4. Take them on an Agro-tour

Letting them to mingle with the nature by visiting a park is always a good idea. But you can give a twist to the usual outdoor trip by taking them on a farm visit.

Farming is all about growing crops, harvesting fruits and the most fun part is farm animals. Your children will enjoy feeding animals and getting friendly with them.

Introducing your children to the farm routines, procedures and a serene pastoral atmosphere will be a rewarding experience for them.

5. Let Them Help You in Household Chores

Children are eager to show that they have grown up and can do many things grownups do.

Give them a chance to prove that they are smart by letting them help you in your chores like simple and safe kitchen and gardening tasks, some cleanup work and washing your car etc.

If you put such a variety in your children’s routine, their holidays will be colourful and they’ll never be bored.

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