8 Best Tips on Choosing Textile Prints

Floral prints have a wide variety, and you could get it right or wrong. There are some tips that will help you get the right print or ready pattern. There are florals that are stylized while there are those that are natural. 

There are also monochromatic and multi-coloured ones. You can opt for the small and the big and bold patterns. With so many varieties to choose, it can be hard to select the appropriate one. If you have been thinking about buying a print or pattern outfit but did not know how to go about it, here is how to choose the right floral print. 

  • Personality

One of the things that will help you choose a floral print is your personality. Always look for prints that appeal to you visually. No matter how a print fits your style rules, you should never buy it if you do not love the look. 

  • Budget

Your budget will also determine the kind of print you will buy. You can compare the cost of different prints to get one within your budget.

  • Scale

The print you chose should be one that relates to your body scale. If you have larger facial features, you should opt for larger-scale print. However, you can go for smaller or medium prints so that you are not overwhelmed. 

  • Contrast

The contrast is very important when choosing floral prints. You should go for prints that have decent contrast where you can effortlessly manipulate a high-value contrast print, and at the same time it will not look as if it is high contrast. You can wear a high contrast print on the lower half of your body.

  • Density Of Print

The density of print also matters a lot when you are making your choice. A sparse print is suitable for someone who is naturally slim. A dense print, on the other hand, is appropriate when you want to camouflage.

  • Colour

Do not forget to choose a print in the color you like. It should also be a color that relates to your natural color. It is also a good idea to buy prints that are similar to your hair color.

  • Age

Your age will determine the kind of print you will buy. If you want a modern and sophisticated look, then you need to for a stylized print. As you get older, you can opt for bolder prints. 

  • Style

The style of the garment is also crucial. You should check how the fabric moves. A top that is made in a kimono style will have sparse prints, while one that is more fitted will have smaller prints. If you want looking to camouflage a part of your body, then a dense print will be a suitable choice. However, a sparse print is best for showcasing a body area. 

There you go. Tips on how to choose exclusive textile prints. Once you have bought your prints, you should look for ways to accessorize it and make your outfit pop. Prints will be a great addition to your wardrobe when you know how to wear it. 

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