All The Chanel Bags Of Marissa Copper Were Replica

One of Marissa Cooper’s best kept secrets in The OC has been unveiled, making it very clear that things are not always what they seem, especially on television.

Long before the arrival of Blair Waldorfand Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, there was a character that undoubtedly inspired each one of our teenage outfits : Marissa Cooper in The OC, in a story that filled our screens completely with drama and style , making us long for this queen’s wardrobe teenager . And is that how not to adore each one of his incredible outfits and of course, his wide collection of Chanel handbags. In short, Marissa had everything! or at least that’s what we used to believe.

Fifteen years after its premiere, the producers decided to reveal one of the best kept secrets of the series, affirming during an interview what you could never have suspected. The sad reality is that all that wonderful wardrobe of great firms, including the beautiful and colorful bags of French brand, were a perfect Chanel replica, which managed to deceive some of the most educated fashionistas looks that became part of the story.

Alexandra Welker, one of the costume designers of The OC, revealed the reasons for making that decision that ultimately broke one of the biggest illusions of the adolescent “I” of so many: “We started with a very small budget, something that supposed a great challenge because everything had to look like high-end fashion. There was absolutely nothing borrowed, because no brand had heard of us, which is why they were reluctant to lend us anything. “

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But despite the fact that we know the truth today, if anything we should recognize is the incredible ability of the costume team to make each garment look like a high end design , so imitations or not, the truth is that The OC will always maintain its place as the best fashion reference of its time and safe for future generations. So, if you want a Chanel bag without investing your whole month salary and still want to look fashionable Chanel replica bags are your best Choice for sure. You can check some of the bestChanel replica bags at Chanelhunter.

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