Blushes the unsung Makeup hero

Blushes are very important in completing the makeup look. Applying the right color at the right amount is very important while using a blush to attain the perfect look. One must apply the blush based on the skin type. One must note that human eyes get drawn to anything out of usual. To create this optical illusion of highlighting the cheeks, one must determine the best place to put the blush on based on the face shape.

  • To people with the slim round face, one must sweep the blush along the cheekbone and extend the color on to the temple.
  • To people with balanced heart shape face, the idea is to bring out the cheekbones so attain this use the blush below the mass of cheeks and blend it out to the hairline.
  • To people with a soft long face use blush only near the cheeks and not on the temples.

There are mainly three different formulas that are available in the market. The first one is cream based suitable for people with dry skin, which has an additional advantage of hydrating the skin. For people with oily skin, powders are preferred as they can absorb the excess oil. Gels and strains are idle for any skin type. They can provide a long-lasting blush on look.

How to pick the right shade based on your skin tone?

Choosing the complexion that suits the person’s complexion best is very important. Using the natural colors found in the skin can bring out the best of looks. Opting for the idle shade is very important to exchange the overall look.

  • To people with yellow undertones that is people with olive skin who tan easily orange or reddish pinks blushes can be the best to bring the brightness and diminish sallowness of the face.
  • For people with pink or red undertones and who blush readily, light pink or peach can complement your skin to bring a no makeup look.
  • To people with plum or blue undertones, orange shades can be used in highlighting the features of the skin. These people generally have a darker coloration.

The amount of blush on and the tools you use to wear also can complement the look. Taking an ample amount of blush, and applying it two or three times across the cheek can be sufficient as our body temperature makes the blush to fade out. Using a traditional blush brush helps to fade out the color. In case of a gel or strain type formula utilize a makeup wedge.

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