Choose the right power plug for your office:

An office is a professional place of work where you want everything to be perfect. You don’t want to bother about this little thing. But, you have first to give proper attention to little details so that you don’t have to worry about these things every time. 

  • You must choose a long-lasting plug for your office. You will not like to change the plug after short intervals of time because it really disturbs the working condition and getting the work done in the right way always remains the top priority.
  • Choose a plug that comes in a variety. Like there are many modern 3 socket plug [เต้าเสียบ เต้ารับ which is the term in thai] that also carry the USB port so you can connect multiple devices through a single route. The third pin also ensures safety as it is the earth pin.
  • Durability is really important. The longer the device works the better it is for you.

When you are using the plug [เต้าเสียบ ปลั๊กไฟ which is the term in thai] for office work, you must also ensure safety there. Therefore, you must turn off the plug when it is not being used.

Protect the plug from excessive heat and damage:

Prevention is better than cure. Electricity is such a thing at which you can’t take any risk. You have to ensure 100% safety to be satisfied. Even small negligence can lead to a big problem. The safe way is the best way. You must use the least number of devices on the plug so that it does not get too hot. If it gets hot, turn off the supply and let it cool because when the plug gets hot, the chances of damage gets increased. You can use Connector plug [ปลั๊ก which is the term in thai] but it is wise to stay with a single plug. Always, check the product certification. A certified product has better safety and lesser hazards.

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