Compliment your attire with a watch

Watches are a part of the attire. Your look remains incomplete until and unless it is complemented with a watch. Different watches can be used for different occasions. However, to select the perfect watch you need to know the types of watches that are available in the market. Guess Watches [นาฬิกา guess, which is the term in Thai] are one of the most preferred choices of people.

Checklist for a good watch

  • Material: While buying watches, it is important that you look out for the material that is used for making watch. A watch made of stainless steel is considered a good quality watch. However, there are other materials that are better than stainless steel like titanium and ceramic watches, but these watches are quite expensive.
  • Glass: It is also important that you look for good quality watch glass. Sapphire glass is one of the best glass for watches. However, there are certain watches that are made with crystal or mineral glass. These watches are of average quality.
  • Water resistance: There is no other damage that is more threatening for watches when compared to water. Hence, it is important that you buy a watch that gives you assurance of waterproofing.

Kinds of watches

  • Aviation watches: Aviation watches were primarily designed for people of aviation industry. This watch is used by pilots and is also included in the pilot’s kit. These watches are easy to read and provides accurate time details.
  • Diving watches: Diving watches were made with the intention of helping the underwater divers. A diver must have distinguished minute markings, visibility up to 25 cm in the dark, and a second hand to reassure that the watch is running.
  • Chronograph watches: A chronograph watch has a timing function and is one of the most complicated types of watches. However, they are highly popular because of fine-looking designs.

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