Cottagecore – Aesthetic Fashion Style Becomes a Fashion Trend

FASHION often appears as a form of representation of the current situation, both as a form of happiness and a means to give sorrow. It’s the same with one of the fashion styles that has recently become a hot topic in cyberspace: Cottagecore Aesthetic.

This fashion style can be said to give the impression and feel that is calm and serene like when we go to the countryside and gives a warm feeling that cannot be obtained in urban areas. In the midst of this pandemic condition, we agree to see that in recent months There are many events in the world that are so worrying and often make us mentally depressed. This is what makes Cottagecore fashion reappear on the surface.

Cottagecore represents the appearance of a country girl who is enjoying her days in her hometown which is filled with meadows and the breeze that touches her hair. Cottagecore can also be called one of the opposite forms of complex urban life and tends to be rushed. Through Cottagecore, we are invited to reminisce for a moment and return to a simpler life like people who live in the countryside.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore is an aesthetic trend that combines clothing styles with the concept of back to nature. This style is inspired by living in a simple cottage, surrounded by greenery and lush gardens, and comfortable clean air. So, Cottagecore has a vintage and old-fashioned impression.

This fashion trend has actually been around for a long time but has started to skyrocket again since the pandemic. According to a fashion expert from Westminister University named Andrew Groves, the re-popularity of the Cottagecore fashion style could be because many people need an escape from the boredom of being at home for a long time.

During the lockdown, people feel trapped in their cramped apartments. So, it makes sense that they want a life that is relaxed, comfortable, and free from disease.

For those of you who like mix-and-match fashion, there’s nothing wrong with trying this classic and aesthetic Cottagecore style.

Floral prints are one of the characteristics of the Cottagecore style

Floral or fruity prints are also one of the characteristics of the Cottagecore fashion style. Because the concept of the trend itself refers to a life that is one with nature, including plants and fruits. Floral prints themselves have been popular since the 1980s and are often used in summer or sunny weather.

Earth-tone clothing

With the concept of back to nature, of course, earth-tone or earth colors are the mainstays in the Cottagecore style. According to fashion historian Allison Pfingst, although the concept of color in the Cottagecore style leads to a vintage feel, some people can find their look a little ‘worn’. To outsmart it, you can give it a modern touch by combining jeans or boots.

Cottagecore is arguably not only a contemporary fashion style which is manifested through its clothing which is dominated by earthy tone colors, Cottagecore gradually becomes a form of representation of quarantine life in an ideal home where isolation often makes us slowly get closer to nature. or make something using natural materials with our own hands.

Final Thoughts

The definition of Cottagecore refers to a lifestyle or existence that smells of rustic, natural style, and relaxing outdoor activities. Can you imagine? Gardening in the open, relaxing in the green yard, and enjoying the sunset without gadgets.

Well, those are all Cottagecore concepts that are trending among Gen-Z. Cottagecore is considered to provide a comfortable feeling away from modern routines, work demands, and digital dominance. In terms of style, the Cottagecore trend can also be realized through a choice of all-romantic & relaxed fashion.

The essence of Cottagecore is also not far from prints that smell natural, such as floral. Choose a soft style to make it more romantic. Puffy sleeves and a sweetheart neckline can always be a mainstay for a girly look. Complete the Cottagecore style with Aesthetic Accessories in a cute DIY style or statement.

You feel cool and stress goes away in an instant, doesn’t it? Check out our selection of Cottagecore style items at and have them now!

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