Different earring styles you should have in your jewellery box

When comparing how significant earrings are to women, only one thing comes to mind: they are everyday basics, such as the clothes we buy or the food we eat. However, earrings for women are no exception to the way we look for variation. They have evolved into more than just adornments and have become a part of the body.

In India, earrings are one of those pieces that find their way into everyone’s closet and not just one pair, but many. Earlier, different styles were worn for other occasions; now, it is one pair of earring design for every outfit.

Next time you do online jewellery shopping, check out the ‘try on’ option. Yes, online portals have the facility to try on the jewellery virtually. So, instead of focusing solely on your most recent outfit, remember to choose earrings that complement your style. Here are some famous earring styles and the right way to wear them:


Ear lobes are suited for dainty and small gold earrings. They are age and gender-neutral and come in a plethora of designs, sizes, and shapes. For the simple charm they provide, they are popular amongst millennials too. Gold studs, which come in a range of weights, are famous for everyday use. They stand out in the gold earrings group because of their affordability, convenience of wearing, and variety.


This model evokes the sensation of holding something near to your ears. The front half of the Huggies is either made of pure gold or embellished with CZs, diamonds, and tiny rubies/emeralds. Women best wear these between the age of 15 years and 45 years. They strike the right balance for both Indian and modern clothing.


They sway their presence in an elegant style, bold and loose. Gold hoops are the latest design of earrings. Brighten your casual evenings with hoops or wear them with various outfits, including turtlenecks, strapless tops, and regular V-neck tops. If you are chubby and have your hair done in a ponytail or a bun, choose less elaborate, non-beaded options. Instead, they are worn with free-flowing fancy sarees and a relaxed hairstyle.


Traditional gold dangles have abstract motifs or rubies, diamonds, or emeralds placed on them, and are long, pendulum patterned with a hefty design on the lower end. They look perfect with a bun or loose hair and long floor-length gowns. The gold danglers lengthen the face and add beauty to every face shape, whether round, oval, or square.


These are traditional, elaborate, and hefty, and they suit nicely with Indian clothing. Filigree is an age-old close looping lattice handicraft that takes its design motifs from the Royal attic. Chandbalis, which are popular in today’s fashion, are another classic example of filigree artistry. They sway their way from the Mughal era, significant, bold, and gorgeous.


Jhumkis are a personal favourite of every Indian woman, and they look gorgeous on traditional Indian sarees and other Indian outfits. They are adorer with a commanding presence and are instantly appealing.

The Jhumki designs have evolved over time. As a result, jewellery designers are providing two-in-one styles to meet your wardrobe choices today. For instance, remove the diamond Jhumkis and replace them with ruby ones, resulting in two Jhumkas with a single top.

You can purchase valuable jewellery online from trusted websites, making the experience enjoyable and cost-effective. These are found in Chandbali or antique gold earring models but not in small forms like studs or hoops.

Boho design earrings


Are you curious about boho designs? They are unstructured, free-flowing designs that come in a wide range of styles. You can think of no discernible pattern, but the sheer beauty they offer is guaranteed to surprise you.

The boho patterns are twisted in the traditional earring style. However, if you enjoy experimenting with your look, these chandelier types, tassels, and long designs that fall off the shoulder are a must-try. The use of flowery patterns, tiny ruby/emerald or black beads, and other details emphasise the length of these earrings. They are also flattering on all facial shapes, including square, oval, and round.