Find Your Most Adored Wedding Destinations

In a Gothic cathedral, in a romantic church on a rock or rather an intimate celebration on the beach, here are some examples of destinations and ideas of places that the bride and groom might have for their wedding.

Couples often have specific ideas when it comes to choosing an amazing location for their wedding day. Are you looking for something special? So, nothing could be more romantic than a wedding accompanied by the mild Mediterranean climate, with the sea in the background and delicious food and good wine for your Marbella Wedding.

A wedding in Spain: Where to start?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming as there is so much to do and couples are sure to experience more and more stress as the date draws closer. The minimum time needed to organize a wedding is around three months, mainly because of the administrative and legal procedures that must be taken care of. Therefore, it is recommended to do it in advance, especially if you decide to get married in another country.

After finding a suitable location, there is still a lot to consider. For example, it will be necessary to find a good photographer or to choose decorations or musical accompaniment. Having a professional photographer is crucial as you obviously won’t be able to rehearse on the big day and, if you’re not happy with the photos, you’ll regret that you didn’t spend a little more on a good photographer. You can opt for the Villa Falcon as the best choice there.

Legal Problems of Marriage

Legalizing a marriage can be complicated, especially if you want to do it abroad. In Spain, there are a few conditions that must be met in order to be able to legally marry. Unlike countries like Italy, it is not possible for non-residents and foreigners to legalize a marriage in Spain. One of the two people in the couple must either have Spanish nationality or have been a resident of Spain for at least two years.

Assuming that the majority of couples wishing to get married in Spain do not meet this requirement, there are several other options. The easiest choice is to legalize the marriage in your home country and then have the wedding ceremony abroad. In this way, all the documents are easily arranged at home and there is no problem for the celebration abroad at a later date.

Note that, as we mentioned previously, the legal aspect of a marriage and the level of difficulty depends on the country. If you decide to get married in a different country, be sure to check out the requirements and possibilities well in advance. This way you avoid trouble and possible disappointment at the last moment. You can usually check this on your home country’s government website.