Five facts you need to know about period panties

The idea of period underwear sure sounds weird when you have never worn them before. After all, bleeding into the panties when you’re menstruating? How can that be comfortable? What if it starts leaking? Don’t worry as the period panties online purchases will not make you land up in all these troubles. These are super comfy and absolutely wearable, and it also absorbs the liquid and seals in the odours perfectly.

Need more reasons to convince yourself to try out the period underwear? Here are the five facts about this new-age product that will convince you for sure.

They offer a great way to be eco-friendly

Imagine the amount of waste you generate every year by discarding the products you use for menstrual hygiene. When you switch to period panties, you will never have to go and buy panty liners again. You will need to use fewer sanitary napkins and tampons. Thus, you get to reduce your carbon footprint, and Mother Earth would thank you for doing that.

They are actually very comfortable to wear

It is understandable that the thought of period panties brings to your mind the images of something like an adult diaper. But, it’s actually far from it! These panties are super comfortable and they don’t even look anything like a diaper. After all, you’re already in a lot of pain from the periods. The manufacturers would not want to increase your discomfort by wrongly designed panties.

They are constantly being improved and updated

There’s good news for the women who have embraced period panties and the ones who are planning to. The top brands are consistently working on delivering you a new and improved model. There is growing competition in the market and increasing demand from the customers, which make the brands aim for innovation. So, watch out for the next new and improved variety coming your way.

They are not highly expensive as it might seem

A comfortable fit, super-absorbent power, and an eco-friendly approach: when you combine all of these in one product, you might be expecting the prices to go high. However, the truth is that period panties are actually pretty inexpensive. The finest varieties will cost you under ₹330, which is quite the still given the product that you will be getting.

They are not just meant to be worn for period days

The period panties are also great for the active women of today who is looking for good quality everyday panties. It’s even better for the ones who are huge fitness enthusiasts because the entire body of these panties is moisture-wicking. In fact, you should also wear these on the days when you feel your period might start because you can freely bleed on these panties.

So, are you convinced yet about switching to period underwear? Why don’t you give these a try and see for yourself? One thing’s for sure: there is no going back to your regular underwear once you give these a try!

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