Get That Peaky Blinders Look In A Wedding Party And Impress Others

If you want to look as stylish and attractive as Arthur and Tommy Shelby and impress everyone in a wedding party, you must get that peaky blinders look. The combination comprises of four essential items namely, penny collar shirts, vintage tweed suits, dark coats made from heavy wool with checkered pattern, and, of course, your confidence. It does not cost or take much to dress like the guys from Peaky Blinders and to retain that timeless classic look. You will find that the outfits of 1920s to be super trendy helping you to make some jaws drop at a wedding party.

The suit

This trendy and easy to dress outfits are as good as any other latest fashion. The best part of it is that all the styles are modern and appropriate for any contemporary gentlemen to wear. The most prominent feature of the Peaky Blinders apparel is the suit. These suits come in amazing styles and even replicate your day to day pursuits. When you wear the vintage tweed or the three-piece suit and even the checked suits that some with a narrow cut shoulders and slim lapels, it resembles elegance to its best. When you pair it with slim fit trousers, you will become the epitome of style, personality. Look and confidence. Choose a sophisticated drape but avoid a fabric that is too light weight.

The long overcoat

This is the most noticeable and significant component of the Peaky Blinder apparel. Choose a single-breasted overcoat in black color and expect everyone to ‘wow’ at you when you pass them. These overcoats are made from heavy wool fabric and come with peaked lapels. It will also have black velvet collars to add to the style quotient. This will make you look like a rebellious personality because these types of overcoats are not worn along with a heavy tweed suit in a city. This will give you that rustic look. You can even make it look better if you customize it according to your own preference, style, and choice.

The shirt

The Peaky Blinder shirts with club or penny collars are timeless classics. Period. These shirts usually comer in white color and feature single cuffs. It also has a stiff, white and detachable collar. Most of the men are attracted to these shirts due to these features. The penny collar shirts, however, are made to measure. Nevertheless, when you choose a Peaky Blinders style shirt make sure that it fits you perfectly.

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