Gift Ideas for Hari Raya: Perfect for Family and Friends!

Hari Raya Eid Al-Fitr 2022 is already around the corner! Hari Raya is all about showing love and care to family, friends, and relatives. As the day is coming around in a week, it’s time for you to prepare gifts for family, friends, and relatives.

When is Hari Raya 2022?

Hari Raya is celebrated by Muslims around the world on the first day of Syawal. Syawal is the 10th month of the Islamic calendar. After the fasting month of Ramadan, Hari Raya is the day to strengthen bonds among family, friends, and relatives, while also seeking forgiveness for each other.

This year, Hari Raya falls on Tuesday, the 3rd of May based on the lunar calendar. Don’t get overwhelmed with gift-giving on this Hari Raya. New clothes for Hari Raya gifts are so last year. Flower Advisor will get you covered with more creative and high-quality Hari Raya Hamper Singapore.

Best Gift for Hari Raya Visit

As Hari Raya means strengthening bonds and seeking forgiveness among family, friends, and relatives, visiting each other’s homes is a common practice. When visiting someone’s home, it is better if you bring something for the host. Regardless of your race or religion, bringing gifts as a token of appreciation will never go wrong.

But remember to bring halal items only for Hari Raya gifts. Some pastries or kueh will be well appreciated. Hampers containing fresh fruits, cookies, or halal cake are also popular as Hari Raya gifts. Flower arrangements are also good alternatives for Hari Raya gifts, as the host could use them for decorations, too.

Creative Gifts for Hari Raya

Flower Advisor has a dedicated page for Hari Raya Hamper Singapore. There, you can get affordable and high-quality halal hampers for Hari Raya.

Chocolate and Snacks Hampers

Chocolate will never go wrong on any occasion, including Hari Raya. This chocolate hamper is an affordable option. Completed with coffee biscuits and three other kinds of snacks. All packed in a brown-and-gold-themed basket. These hampers would be perfect for a sweet tooth person!

Kitchen Appliances with Flower Table Arrangement

This hamper is a complete package. Beautiful packaging design, including Hari Raya greeting card, and the useful gift inside! This hamper is perfect for everyone because inside, there is a Morries 5L Multi-Cooker. This multi-cooker will be a perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen. Also, there is a Petite Table Arrangement comes with fresh flowers that will be a perfect decorative accent in every corner of the house!

Tableware Hampers with Fresh Flower Bouquet

This is another unique and brilliant idea for Hari Raya Hampers. Instead of any snack or food, these are tableware hampers. Inside, there are 10pcs Luminarc La Brise and 6pc Ocean Unity Glass Set. This tableware is a very useful gift for your friends, family, and relatives. The hamper is easy to carry because it will be packed in a gold gift box. Also, these hampers come with a bouquet of fresh flowers in an Eid-themed color palette.

Healthy Food in Eid-Themed Gift Box

On Hari Raya, people usually eat a lot of food containing meat, coconut milk, and sweets. So Hari Raya hampers filled with an assortment of healthy snacks will be perfect to balance it. Flower Advisor provides this kind of hampers, packed in a beautiful gift box with ribbon and Eid ornaments. You can also get an exclusive Hari Raya greeting card by purchasing these hampers.

Flower Gifts for Hari Raya

A flower is one of the safest gift options for family, friends, and relatives. Flowers are always appreciated on every occasion, including Hari Raya.

Besides all of the beautiful hampers above, Flower Advisor, as a Singapore Florist, also provides flower arrangements for Hari Raya.

Yellow Bloom

Yellow Bloom is one of the fresh table arrangements in Flower Advisor, made special for Hari Raya. There are six fresh Orchids, six yellow Gerberas, Green Button Pom, and Eucalyptus inside this arrangement. There is also a ‘ketupat’ decoration in the Yellow Bloom. You will also get a free greeting card to write your best wishes for friends, family, and relatives. This full-fresh flowers arrangement will be a beautiful addition to Eid decoration in every house.

Table Flower Eid

A combination of fresh and artificial flowers arranged in a rustic basket. A beautiful and thoughtful gift to send to Hari Raya. They will last long as a decoration, so anyone who received them from you will remember the Eid warmth for a little longer. This 36cm x 45cm table flower consists of yellow and pink flowers, combined with greeneries. What a perfect option for a Hari Raya gift!