Great respite for the best SPA

Do you dream of a blissful moment just for yourself? Maybe you are tired, and all the ways to rest do not work? Go for a massage to stop for a moment and give real relaxation of body and mind. Find out what are the benefits of medicinal touch and learn the types and prices of massages. A moment spent just for yourself can work wonders.


The effect of massage on the body.

Advantages of massage

Correctly performed massage positively affects three areas: it improves health, psyche and appearance. Usually, we reach for this solution when we are overwhelmed by stress, we are tired or we cannot cope with pain. The procedure performed by a specialist can, however, bring us many more benefits. The use for the city spa comes perfect.

Advantages of massage

How to prepare for a massage

The goal of the massage is complete relaxation, so you should prepare well for it so that nothing disturbs your rest. Before visiting a masseur, it’s best to do a warm bath and peeling so that the ingredients in the oils penetrate the skin deeper and your body will be relaxed and ready for the procedure.

When going for a massage, give up jewelry and makeup. It is also best to cut or tie the hair at the top of the head so as not to expose it to oil and make it easier for the masseur. Choose clothing that will be convenient to take off, and after the procedure you will feel comfortable in it. You will have to undress when performing a full body massage. Take into account that your underwear can get dirty with cosmetics. You can also take advantage of the one-off that you will receive before the procedure.

  • What you eat and drink is also important before the massage. Hunger or a feeling of heaviness after a meal can be distracting and interfere with relaxation, so eat your last meal an hour before your visit at the latest. Choose something nutritious but light. Also drink a glass of still mineral water during this time. Do not drink alcohol, avoid coffee and tea, which unnecessarily stimulate the moment that is to be your moment of silence. You should also drink a glass of water after the massage.
  • After the procedure you will probably also be asked to stay in the supine position for about 10 minutes. This is the time it takes for your body and mind to return to balance. Don’t get up too quickly, take your time. Give yourself a moment to breathe and relax to keep calm for longer.

How much does it cost to visit a masseur

Although a massage made at home especially by a loved one is pleasant, it is better to surrender to the hands of a professional who knows how to properly perform it, so that it is not only effective but also safe. How much does this type of procedure cost? The price depends on the city, specific salon, duration and area selected.

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