Greater Choices for the Best SPA

The procedure is equally useful for professional-level athletes and for those who work on the beauty of their bodies in gyms. For the massage Strom Spa this is important now.

Thai Sports Massage Benefits:

  • There is an intense effect on all muscle groups
  • The vessels expand, the cells are saturated with oxygen
  • Muscle tissue warms up, its elasticity improves
  • Clamps and cramps are eliminated.


  • Prevention to relieve muscle tension after fitness
  • Preparation for difficult training or serious competitions
  • Overwork after a sporting event
  • Getting injuries, pain in joints and muscles.

Sports massage returns your body lightness and flexibility, increases stamina and strength, helps to recover after exhausting workouts.

The four-hand massage procedure is carried out immediately by two masters who work harmoniously and harmoniously. During this massage, every cell of your body will feel pleasure and will enter a state of equilibrium.

Professional Thai masters immediately determine where biologically active points are on your body, as they have a higher temperature compared to the general temperature of the body.

What result awaits you after the procedure?

  • The body comes into a state of spiritual and physical balance. You will feel a surge of strength and energy
  • The nervous system calms down, the feeling of anxiety and stress goes away
  • Performance increases, sleep quality improves, and you feel alert immediately after the procedure
  • Massage affects muscle tone, increases the body’s resistance to stress
  • Thanks to the natural components in the oils, the appearance of the skin improves – it looks fresh and healthy

You get this effect even if you have passed the massage once. And after a course of massage in 4 hands, wounds heal, the body improves as a whole, and joint mobility improves.

Fullback massage has a healing and relaxing effect and is especially recommended for a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work at the computer.

During the session, the masseur works out the entire spine. This allows you to relieve tension, spasms and clamps. The back massage focuses on reflexogenic zones, there are about 20 in this part of our body. They are carefully massaged, because the impact on biologically active points of the back improves the functioning of the liver, heart, intestines and stomach. After the massage, immunity increases noticeably, the nervous system calms down and the skin condition improves.

In addition to the neck and back, the legs are also being worked out, where many bioactive points have also gathered.

What problems is shown fullback?

  • scoliosis
  • steochondrosis
  • migraine
  • fatigue
  • fatigue and lack of sleep
  • pathology of the cervical spine


  • neck and back injuries
  • wounds, abscesses, skin diseases
  • viral diseases and infections
  • tendency to internal bleeding
  • pregnancy

Results after fullback massage:

  • Feeling of vitality and energy throughout the body
  • Passes pain in the muscles and joints
  • Improves metabolism and metabolic processes
  • General health improvement
  • Fatigue and stress go away

If your life has a lot of stress, you do not get enough sleep, get tired and feel irritated come for a 4 hand massage. You will be distracted from the everyday hustle and bustle, forget about worries and relax, and the body will say “thank you” this is what they promise.

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