Here Are 5 Men’s Colognes That Women Love

Are you looking to level up your dating game with  a new men’s cologne

The good news is that smelling good is something that any man can do instantly to become more attractive to potential partners and we’ve put together the definitive list of fragrances that women love on men to enhance your dating game. 

  • Creed Aventus 

Fondly referred to as the King of Fragrances, Creed Aventus is a fan favourite regarding luxury and seduction through scent. The cologne is perfect when looking to express sophistication and strength in equal measure for that good impression you want to make on the ladies. 

Unlike the other fragrances that might have a powerful, overwhelming scent, Creed Aventus balances the masculine musk of oakmoss with lighter notes of blackcurrant and Apple. This gives you the perfectly refined and masculine scent women love on men. 

Creed Aventus is an all-purpose fragrance that works perfectly day and night in spring and summer. 

  • Tom Ford Noir 

Even though Tom Ford is known for its amazing range of luxury fragrances, if you are looking for a signature scent that women love, look no further than Tom Ford Noir. The sophisticated, oriental cologne has a masculine scent of spicy flowers and wood. 

While some men find it too powdery, it works perfectly for a show of strength which is the masculine core. The fragrance is ideal for a date night during fall or winter. You can also wear it at official functions. 

  • Xerjoff Naxos 

Naxos remains a superstar in luxury fragrance, and nothing expresses this better than the Xerjoff Naxos. The Xerjoff is a woman-pleasing fragrance with a strong identity and refined texture. 

Xerjoff Naxos opens strongly with its classic airy citrus scent before letting in the middle notes of sweet vanilla and honey. The scent is then complimented with the romantic masculine accords of Tonka and tobacco for the base.

The only concern with the Xerjoff Naxo is its fleeting nature. The fragrance goes to the quiet stages in about five hours. While this is a long enough time to impress your date, you sometimes want it to go a little longer. Either way, be assured of the smiles of satisfaction whenever you wear the scent. 

  • Mancera Cedrat Boise 

Are you looking for the perfect way to add some attitude to your outfit and impress your date? The best option is Mancera Cedrat Boise. The casual yet sophisticated cologne comes with a fresh and fruity scent to complement your masculine vibes. 

The Mancera Cedrat Boise is a vibrant and sparkling scent that opens with notes of blackcurrant, citrus fruits, and spices. It then transitions to the sensual heart of patchouli leaves and jasmine. The stable base is composed of woody, vanilla, and musky notes. 

The fragrance lasts up to 10 hours with very good sillage and projection. The cologne is perfect for the warmer seasons of summer and spring; however, it can still work when it’s colder. It’s perfect for a date night just as much as it is for the office. 

  • Amouage Interlude 

Amouage Interlude is another men’s fragrance women can’t get enough of. While the cologne embraces the masculine woody and spicy materials, it adds a touch of opoponax for the round scent. 

The fragrance allows the different notes to flourish upon the initial spray without any taking centre stage. The earlier citrus scent gives way to the sweetness of opoponax, which has a long lasting effect. 

Of all these colognes, Amouage Interlude lasts the longest. You can still feel it on your clothes until you do your laundry. This powerful fragrance is a gorgeous creation that gives you the perfect attitude for your masculine brilliance while warming every heart you encounter.

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