How to choose the perfect pair of glasses?

If you are looking to buy a new pair of glasses, don’t get overwhelmed by the thousands of options you see in the market. The frames you see on displays at optical stores may look attractive but what are the odds that they would be good on you too? 

Finding the perfect frames is all about balancing the proportions of your face and matching them to your natural colour palette. 

Sure you must keep trends in mind. But embracing style just to lose the sense of what would look good on you is not the right thing to do. 

If you want to know the secrets to find the right frame that is made just for you, read this blog till the end. 

The right pair will suit your face shape

The most important thing to consider when doing frame shopping is to keep your face shape in mind. Just like different types of clothes suit different body types, different frame styles are made for different face shapes.

A round face generally has a similar length and width with soft features and wide cheekbones. If you fall into this category, you will look better in angular frames such as rectangle, square or geometric. 

People with a strong jawline and sharp angles are considered to have a square face shape. What you need are glasses that will balance the symmetry with soft proportions. Round or oval glasses are the best in this respect. 

Heart-shaped faces are widest around the cheeks, so accented top rim glasses such as cat-eye glasses for women or browline frames will suit your symmetry.

Oval face shapes are considered to be the luckiest as they already have balanced proportions. You can wear just about any frame but don’t go for overtly round styles as they might throw off the balance. 

Let the frame complement your skin tone

You don’t always have to play it safe with neutral colours. They are perfect when you are buying glasses for men and women that you can wear to the office. But, if you want to add a punch of playfulness to your look, you have to choose colours. 

If you are someone who hesitates to try out colourful frames as you don’t know what works for you, just pay attention to your skin tone. 

Your skin colour is either fair, medium or dark. But, skin tones are either warm or cool. The quick to check yours is to see the colour of your veins. If you are more on the green side, you have a warm skin tone. But if they are giving a sort of a bluish effect, you have a cool skin tone. 

Individuals with a fair complexion and warm tone should opt for warmer colours such as a soft pink or use more saturated tones in bourbon brown or cypress green. But, if your skin tone is cool, pale colours such as ivory or blue with a pink tint will suit you.

People with a medium complexion and warm skin tone should go for bright colours with orange tints. Tortoiseshell glasses will also make a great case. But if your skin tone is medium and cool, choose emerald green, navy blue, purple or cherry reds.

Lastly, those with a dark skin colour with a warm undertone are more likely to look good behind a pair of tortoiseshell glasses or mahogany frame. But, if your skin is dark and cool, you must look for something in black, bluish-green, dark blue or eggplant frames. 

Your nearby optical stores may not have your favourite styles in all colour options. So, buy glasses online to get a huge variety of colours. And online eyewear retailers also provide next day glasses where you can get your prescription glasses in just a day. 

What’s your lifestyle? 

The style of frame you choose says a lot about your lifestyle. So, you have to keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing a frame. 

If you are looking for a frame that you can wear to the office, you need to stick to the conservative styles in rectangular or oval shapes. They make you appear smart and trustworthy.

If you hail from a creative background, try out the latest designs or flip it all over with retro styles. Retro round frames in thin metal rims are also making a comeback this year. You can try out these frames and use other retro-inspired accessories to get a vintage makeover. 

For students, transparent glasses are the best as they are not overwhelming but still manage to give you a stylish appeal that you can flex in front of your friends.

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