How To Differentiate A Genuine Nomination Bracelet From The Fake One

Everyone loves jewellery especially, bracelets. If the jewellery piece is a trendy one, then it automatically becomes high in demand. The Nomination bracelet is the greatest example of it. Everyone loves these bracelets and wants to have them for their collection.

The concept behind creating nomination bracelets was to create something everyone can access. Even today, a lot of people want to own one of the nomination jewellery. However, they are afraid of getting the fake one. Online stores such as Jewel hut aim to provide genuine pieces at competitive prices. They want their consumers to get the jewellery pieces they want to have but could not afford.

A reliable store is a factor when you buy nomination jewellery. However, your knowledge and awareness about a brand and its product is also a crucial aspect. Your knowledge is the thing that will protect you from fraud. To check whether your nomination bracelet is genuine or counterfeit, you need to understand some vital points.

Read on to know what these points are.

How to differentiate genuine nomination bracelets from fake one?

One of the features of a nomination is the trademark. You can spot the word NOMINATION on the front side of the nomination products. At the same time, you can spot ‘STAINLESS STEEL ® NOMINATION’ at the backside of the products. Check out these signs on the front and back of the bracelet before you make the purchase.

How to differentiate a genuine nomination bracelet from a perfect copy one?

Sometimes, you may come across a perfect copy nomination bracelet. You find it tricky to differentiate from the original one. In that case, you have to understand a simple fact. If someone is selling authentic or ‘genuine’ nomination jewellery at a lower or bargain price, then it is possibly a fake piece.

How to differentiate the good quality items from the bad ones?

The difference in quality is one of the easiest ways of differentiating a genuine nomination bracelet from the fake one. The nomination charms are handmade using rose gold, sterling silver, or a yellow gold plate. The standard of quality check of nomination jewellery is very high. Each and every item has to go through extensive checks before sending it to the selling counter.

If the bracelet you have has blurry details or is rough around the edges, it is a fake nomination bracelet.

Some vital points to know about the nomination bracelets

Some vital points to keep in mind while you purchase a nomination bracelet:

  • The number of links

An adult male bracelet has 22-24links, an Adult female bracelet has 18 – 20links, and a child bracelet has 13-16links.

  • The nomination charms tool key

You need a nomination charm tool key to add a link to your bracelet.

  • High-quality steel 

The nomination uses 304 or 316 grades high-quality steel for making nomination bracelets. It will not tarnish.

  • Keep your bracelet away from water.

The nomination advises the buyer to keep the nomination bracelet from water. Frequent contact with water will cause damage to stones set in the charms and enamel.

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