How to Flatter Your Pregnancy Body Type

If you have been pregnant before, you can attest to the fact that selecting clothes to wear is not the most straightforward job. You can stay for hours trying to find an outfit that fits you with no luck. It is therefore always advisable that as your bump becomes bigger, you select the clothes that no longer fit you and, put them aside. With that, you will be remaining with only clothes that you can work with. 

Therefore picking outfits to wear will be much easier. There is one more thing that you need to understand. You need to know your pregnancy body type as you plan to shop for women’s pants tops and dresses for pregnancy. Below are some tips on what to wear depending on your pregnancy body type. 

  1. Small all over

A small all over body type is the kind of pregnancy where only the belly gets bigger. The rest of your body, however, remains the same. The perfect wear, in this case, would be shirts with ruffles and tops that have gathers around the sides. That is for the top. What would be the ideal bottoms? A small-all over pregnancy body type works well with bootleg trousers or straight leg. 

 Luckily for you, you will still get away with beautiful horizontal stripes. This is recommended as it does a great job of enhancing your curves. You should, however, keep off from wide-leg trousers.

  1. Curvy all over

A curvy all over body type is one which grows proportionally to the bump. As the bump grows bigger, so does your body. In this case, things like horizontal stripes may not be really good. Focus more on the length. Dark colors will also be great as they have the receding effect. Wearing long dresses will lengthen your torso and ward off the round look. Hemlines will be perfect at your ankles.  Shoes too can also work to lengthen your legs go for slim flats and avoid the round toes. A long cardigan and tunic will also bring out your beautiful bump.

  1. Carrying low

Is your bump low? This is the kind of pregnancy that makes your friends think you will be breaking the water at any moment. However, that is not usually the case. Do not despair; you can always draw attention away from the bump and distribute it elsewhere. How to go about it? It is effortless: you should make your legs appear longer by wearing wedges and wearing a dark fabric pencil skirt. A V-neck top will also do the trick. You can go the extra mile and do a chunky necklace. 

 The best trick with a low pregnancy is wearing a top with a long torso to cover your belly completely. 

  1. Carrying high

To flatter this pregnancy type, you need to create a silhouette look, separate your bust and pregnancy with a nice belt and also color block. The best fabric for this pregnancy would be jersey stretch and silk to distinguish the bust and the bump.

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