How to Give a Woman a Sensual Massage

You want to know how to massage a woman sensually? Well, you are not alone. It is common for women to be afraid of touch. Therefore, it is important to learn how you can create a sexy massage. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Make sure to have some oil.

erotic massage Knightsbridge can be a great way to get your girl excited and make her feel special. Whether you’re giving her a full body massage or just rubbing her feet, there are certain tips that you need to follow. Using light and slow movements is important for a sensual massage. Try pretending to massage her slowly or pretending that she’s falling asleep. Don’t be offended if she falls asleep during a massage. It’s just a sign that she’s relaxed.

Before giving a sensual massage, you need to prepare some oil. Oil should be warm between your fingers and not be cold on the woman’s body. It is important to begin with the non-sexual parts of a woman’s body and work your way up. After you’ve completed massaging her, you can move to her erogenous areas.

Make sure to prepare some oil before you start the massage. This will allow you to warm the oil and allow your hands to glide over her body. Almond oil is great for this, since it’s non-greasy and allows for your hands to slide smoothly on her body. Your massager’s effectiveness can also be enhanced by adding essential oil. Make sure to use only a few drops of the oil for the first few minutes, and then add more as needed.

Use light smooth touch.

A sensual massage is something you can give to a woman if you are looking to get her to relax. Use long, smooth strokes from the head to the toes, and be sure to touch her hairs as you go. You can also use a feather duster or fur to provide extra sensual pleasure. You can keep her interested and build anticipation by giving light touches.

If you are giving a sensual massage for a woman, make sure to use a relaxing touch. It should be soothing and not therapeutic. It should also loosen muscle tension. Deep tissue massages should be avoided as they can make your partner feel uncomfortable and tense. Instead, stick to light, flowing strokes. Your partner should find the massage enjoyable. Try to gauge how your partner is breathing throughout the massage, and keep the mood light and fun.

While giving a sensual massage, be sure to keep the massage oil away from your hands. You might want to avoid using massage oils as they can break down barrier condoms. Silicone lubricant will protect them from being broken down. Silicone lube can also be used if the barrier of your woman isn’t made from latex. A gentle, light touch will convey care and security. However, a rougher, more invasive rubbing will give the impression that you are putting effort. Make sure to keep your hands flat to avoid cramping and fatigue. A quick rest for your fingers will be provided by the lips, which can also be arousing.

Escalate things.

When giving a woman a sensuous massaging, you should not exaggerate the situation. Instead, you should focus on the obvious erogenous areas and avoid any areas that might be arousing to your woman. Start with her head, neck and arms. Next, move on to her stomach and inner thighs.

Start with the head

Before giving a woman a sensual massage, you must prepare her body for it. You should make sure she is comfortable and not bothered by you. Avoid heavy metal music like Marilyn Manson or Metallica as they can set a bad mood. Choose soulful or natural sounds to set the right mood.

Next, you should start your massage from the head, and go from the neck down to her toes. Always remember to use a gentle touch and slowly build the pressure. Move on to the arms, legs and feet and then finish with the genitals. Make sure the massage lasts at least 30 minutes. Move on to the stomach and inner thighs after you have finished with the head massage.

Sensual massages are most effective when the head is involved. You can massage any part of the body, however it is best to start with the head. Remember to set the mood before you start. It’s important to ensure that your partner is comfortable and relaxed before you start the massage.

It is important to create a sensual ambiance for the massage. Candlelight and dim lighting help create a relaxing ambiance. Find a place to massage your partner. Make sure to choose a clean room with a soft light. If your partner has young children, use a bedroom. A pristine room will enhance the experience. You can even prepare a snack or two before the massage session to keep her full of energy.

Next, have her flip back and go further

There are two sources of pleasure from giving sensual massage: physical pleasure and emotional relaxation. If you’re not sure where to begin, try starting with the head and neck, then moving on to arms, legs, and feet. Next, work your way to her stomach, inner thighs, and finally, her genitals. As she flips over, continue the sensual massage and go further.

Once you have reached her midsection, massage her shoulders and upper back. These areas are rarely erotic, but they can be areas of tension. Later, you will likely massage her hips, inner legs, and ass. When giving a sensual massage to your partner, be sure to start with gentle strokes and slowly build up to more intense touch.

When giving a sensual massage, focus on her most vulnerable parts, such as her pelvis, lower back, and inner thighs. If she feels stiff or uncomfortable, you can ease off. You’re good if she’s relaxed and does not seem to be struggling, then you have the right approach. You can also use your lips to gently kiss her or rub her skin. These actions can build anticipation between you and increase your power.

After giving a sensual massage, follow up with sex. You want to leave her feeling pampered and satisfied. A sensual massage should lead to sex, so the transition between the two should be seamless and easy. The last thing you want to do is rub the massage oil off your hands. This doesn’t fit with the mood you’re trying to set.

Inner thighs, and finally, genitals.

The first area to target when giving a woman a sensual touch is her inner thighs. These are the closest parts to her genitals, and can be sensitive to touch. You can try kneading and stroking her inner thighs a couple of times to enliven her buttocks and sexual organs. You can also use gentle stroking to massage her legs and trace a clockwise path from her knees up to her soles.

Once you have mastered her upper thighs and calves, you should move onto her vaginal area. Begin by gently opening her vaginal lips. Next, move on to her inner thighs and her genitals. Be gentle and don’t overtax her upper thighs. If you’re a male, ensure that you apply the right pressure on her inner thighs as well as her vaginal area.

After massaging her back go to her inner thighs, and her genitals. Don’t forget to kiss her lower back, too. This is a great way to set the tone for a passionate evening. You can also massage her mons pubis (the area above her genitals) during the massage. While many men will go straight to their vaginas when foreplay begins in men, stroking her mons pubis will make her feel more sexy.


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