How to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun?

Protecting your skin is one of the aspects of health care that you should not overlook in any way. To understand what type of threats can your skin faces regularly take one example. If you go out in broad daylight your skin faces many different threats and one of the threats is the ultraviolet radiation waves of the sunlight. The sunlight has different radiation waves coming to the earth and among them the ultra violet one is the most harmful one who possesses carcinogenic effects. Thus it is very important that you protect your skin from uv Ray’s. And though there are many ways to avoid uv ray of the sun the most reliable one is sunscreen. The best sunscreen ( ครีมกันแดดที่ดีที่สุด , which is the term in Thai) thus helps you protect your skin against sun’s uv Ray’s.

Get the best quality sunscreen for your home

Now getting a good quality sunscreen is really important to everyone. There are many global brands available in the market which provides you with some of the most effective formulas of sunscreen. And one of the most common and effective sunscreen formulae is the spf15. Spf15 is the most clinically tested formula for sunscreen. The sunscreen formula helps not only protect your skin from harmful sun rays but it also keeps your skin moisturized. So now you need to find the best brand from whom you can buy best sunscreen product.

Buy sunscreen from the online portal of lancome

In Thailand there are only a few brands that provide you with world-class quality of skincare products. And among those brands lancome is the best one. Lancome gas recently launched their new online outlet for all their skincare products. Among those skincare products sunscreen is one if the best quality available in Thailand. If you buy the sunscreen from their online outlet you will get extra discounts as well. The products from their official portal come with authentication certificate and a 15 days return window. So if you are interested in buying sunscreen from their online portal do visit their official website at your earliest convenience.

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