How to spot fake luxury watches from their real counterparts?

It’s approximated that around 15% of Internet look for luxury watches remain in fact pertaining to phony items. Here are some differences between genuine as well as phony watches to think about:


This may seem like an obvious one, yet authentic luxury watches are thoroughly made to the most rigorous of requirements. So, details as well as ending up on an authentic premium watch must be flawless.

Before you purchase, put in the time to check the information to make sure that every little thing is best. Take a close take a look at the dial, caseback, case,winding crown, bracelet, lugs,as well as hold. Top-tier watch manufacturers take pride in the items they generate.

A few warnings consist of:

  • Molting or peeling materials
  • Sloppy typeface or Misaligned text
  • Unequal spacing in between letters
  • Punctuation errors as well as wrong logos
  • Armband not suitable the instance properly
  • Inexpensive as well as lightweight armband holds that won’t close
  • Anonymous holds, dials, crowns,or caseback
  • Loud ticking sound if the wristwatch is marketed as a mechanical one

Prior to buying, familiarize yourself with how the original variation of your particular watch model should look by doing your research. Then apply your expertise to establish if the watch in question is genuine or fake.


Since high-end timepieces are costly deluxe items, only fine products are used in their building and construction:

  • Authentic gold, normally 18k
  • Authentic platinum, typically 950
  • Real titanium, normally grade 5
  • Stainless-steel, generally 316L or better, e.g., Rolex watches utilizes 904L
  • Genuine leather
  • Authentic rubies and gemstones
  • Initial packaging will boast top products too

Because of the quality of the products, real watches tend to be heavier than counterfeit watches as these usage cheaper materials. An exception to this, nevertheless, is when high-end watch brands use materials such as titanium in order to create ultra-light timepieces.

A word of caution: there have been recent reports of counterfeit brand watch [นาฬิกาแบรนด์ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai] now being generated in actual 18k gold.

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