Important Characteristics Of Safety Shoes

As we know, safety shoes have the main objective of protecting workers’ feet. Each environment requires a specific shoe, so it is essential to know what risks involve each industry, work environment, and worker functions to choose the ideal footwear. It is also necessary to check which type of footwear is more appropriate, short, medium, or long, if it needs to be with laces or just elastic. These are essential information for the best use of PPE for the feet.

The use of safety shoes which can be gotten from safety shoes shop (จำหน่าย รองเท้า เซฟตี้ which is the term in Thai) in the work environment is a great benefit for workers. But the worker must keep the footwear clean, presentable, and with its materials in good condition. Taking good care of this type of item increases its useful life. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the expiration date. In general, the wearing time of safety shoes is approximately 6 months. Be sure to consult your supplier.

If there is any problem with the shoe, such as punctures, wear, defects, it is essential that the worker informs his employer to take the necessary measures. In addition to these precautions, it is also essential to use the equipment only in the work environment. The worker has some essential responsibilities for the use of safety shoes, such as:

  • use, using it only for its intended purpose
  • take responsibility for custody and conservation
  • notify the employer of any changes that make it unfit for use; and
  • comply with the employer’s determinations on proper use

Anti slip safety shoe (รองเท้า เชฟ กัน ลื่น ,which is the term in Thai) are not meant to be worn at home; they have the sole purpose of the work environment. Using this type of footwear in any other period and place other than work is considered a wrongful act, and the company can punish any wrongful act.

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