Is Pink Lily Bouquet Legit?

Are you looking for a unique choice of gift that will leave a lasting impression? Then, Pink Lily might be the answer to your demand. This flower is very significant, having many layers of meaning compared to the other colors. From their color, the pink lily bouquet stands for love, admiration, compassion, understanding, and femininity. These sweet pink blooms can be the perfect bouquet gift for your mother, siblings, or perhaps that someone you fancy!

Because of the Greek mythology of Hera and Zeus, lily is often associated with rebirth and motherhood. They can be used in weddings, tied to the meaning of ‘100 years of love’ in China. Their names are also said to be the most popular flower names for girls! These plants are also tied with many meanings, including good luck, purity, and devotion in general. However, each color usually has its specific meanings. For example, the white-colored one symbolizes virtue and purity, the red-colored one symbolizes passion, and the orange colored one symbolizes wealth and pride. But in this article, we’ll take you into several details of the Pink Lily that is often related to the symbol of prosperity, abundance, admiration, or passion. Not only that, but these soft-colored blooms also have much more significance and are used on many occasions. We have compiled all the occasions where these flowers will prove to be legit!

Lilies as gifts for that special someone

If you want to give them to that special someone, a pink lily can be the ideal choice for it. They are beautiful and stunning wrapped in a bouquet, plus they can also be found all year round in any flower shops or have it delivered directly as a surprise gift for the recipient. They will help you express your admiration and passion with their delicate, soft-colored petals. Now it’s the time to express your feelings with flowers, not only by words!

Lilies for weddings

If you are looking for a hand bouquet for the bride to carry down the aisle, these beautiful plants will surely be a unique bouquet for it. Their long, graceful stems and elegant buds will make them become the ideal flowers for the bride’s special day in her life. They will create a much more delicate and eye-catching look.

Lilies for mother’s day

Lilies for mother’s day

Despite being said to be the flower to symbolize purity and admiration, pink lily is also a symbol of motherhood and is often used as a gift for new mothers. They are also associated with Breast Cancer Awareness in the United Kingdom, United States, and many other countries.

Lilies as a symbol of love and support

Being one of the most gorgeous and popular flowers and dubbed as the queen of the garden, they can be that special gift to encourage and support a family member, close friend, or any woman that you know to be needing the encouragement this flower can give.

Lilies as a symbol of love and support

We have stated how to use these queen of blossoms for many occasions, but do you know that these flowers also have other uses that make them much more legit ever since a long time ago? Although they are extremely toxic to cats because they are included in the Lilium genus, they have several daily uses as well.

Lilies for perfumes

Ever since ancient times, these flowers have been very well-loved in Egypt and Greek as perfumes because of their fragrance. They’re wonderful to put in the home, making them a perfume lover’s must-have flowers. They will pump their sweet fragrant into the air, making your home smell much more homey and fragrant!

Lilies for medicinal purposes

Despite being beautiful for its appearance, it turns out they also have a lot of benefits for treating several health issues! For example, by boiling their roots or bulbs into a tea, they can treat fevers and stomach issues, and what’s more, they can help women during labor. They can also treat inflammation, skin ulcers, burns, and rashes. The roots can be used topically by forming it into an ointment to aid burns, preventing the formation of scar tissue.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has also used these plants to be beneficial for our hearts and lungs. Their dried bulbs have healing properties that can help moisturize the lungs, relieving cough from lung dryness, tranquilizes the mind, and clears heart-fire.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lilies for your garden

This may be one of the most common uses for these plants. They are called “the Queen of Garden” for nothing, as they are very beautiful and will surely decorate your garden well. They need an area that drains well and is not too wet, and they need full sun for about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. They love moist soil, but never wet to avoid rotting, so you need to cover them with moist mulch to keep the bulbs cool. Once they start to flower, you will get to see the true beauty of their blooms that surely will amaze your eyes!

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