Make a carrier in jewellery designing

Jewellery designing is an art of designing jewellery. Jewellery designing is also a profession that many people use for their livelihood. Jewellery designing is being done since ancient times. However, the art of designing has taken various forms over the years. Various techniques are used for crafting elegant and classy Jewellery design [ออกแบบ เครื่องประดับ, which is the term in Thai]. Jewellery designing involves drafting, shading, cutting, shaping, etc. A piece of jewellery that you buy from a jeweller has to go through a long procedure to get an elegant shape and design.

Traditional and modern methods of jewellery design

  • Traditional method: The traditional method of jewelry designing is done with hand drawing and drafting. People use to design the jewelry on paper and later used to give them the shape as per the design with their hands. Jewellery was hand-crafted back then as there was no technology. The designing and drafting of the jewellery used to take a lot of time, and hence, orders were given in advance.
  • Modern method: As time passed new technologies were found. These technologies slowly replaced traditional methods of designing. Designers started using computer programs like Rhinoceros 3D and matrix for designing jewelleries. Wedding ring shop [ร้าน แหวน แต่งงาน, which is the term in Thai] makes use of modern method of designing as it makes work easy.

Things to be learned in jewelry designing

  • The students of jewelry designing are required to learn the concept of artistry.
  • The students must acquire the necessary skills to give shapes to the metal with the help of drafting tools.
  • The students must also learn to use drafting tools for rendering yellow and white metals.
  • The students must illustrate rings in different views to channelize their thinking capacity for new ideas.
  • Students should also create a portfolio of their designs to see if the portfolio needs any type of modification.