ROLEX: Regeneration of the Explorer

Enter the Rolex Explorer 14270, a watch that at one time was described as having “no horological passion whatsoever” by watch author Walt Odets as well as the very first Rolex before purchased by Ben Clymer. The 14270 was released at the Basel Fair in 1989 and put Rolex at the cross-section of sporting activity and high-end. The timeless version of the tool watch was slowly being eliminated as Rolex began integrating, bit by bit, different higher-end production techniques right into their watches. It went to this time also that other iconic device watches were seeing style code adjustments. The Rolex Submariner, long-reigning king of the tool watch, saw its matte dial changed with a shiny one as well as its repainted markers changed with applied markers with white-gold surrounds. The 1980s were a time of change in a post-quartz-crisis world, along with reinvention, as well as forward-thinking. The vintage design trend was a long method off, as well as in any event, Rolex really rarely looks in reverse.

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So, what was the reaction to Rolex taking its most essential non-dive sports watch as well as making a lot of relatively refined but basic design adjustments? When Rolex launched the 14270, it was received with a particular quantity of surprise by Rolex customers. Functionally the new watch was the same as its predecessor, yet the dial had been given a pretty dramatic update as well as, obviously, a new movement also. For the following 11 years, Rolex continued to explore, as well as refine different facets of the layout, as well as you could say that they’re still doing that today.

But time heals all injuries, as well as the novelty, has more than disappeared. So, much to make sure that the Rolex Explorer 14270 is usually thought-about to be an uninteresting watch to the informal viewer. Therefore, it is something of a sleeper in the accumulating world.

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