Self-Esteem – What Labels are you currently Putting on?

Some time ago I’d a buddy who cut labels off her worn-out or no-longer-in-designer clothes and stitched them on clothing she purchased at discount stores. I believed it was hysterically funny and, simultaneously, overwhelmingly sad. “That which was essential about this label, ” I wondered. It had been exactly the same dress no matter its label. But on reflection, that wasn’t true. The designer label made her feel better about what she was putting on contributing to the way in which she looked – it made her feel great.

We put on labels on ourselves like labels on clothes, which labels have a tendency to reflect our self image and see our self confidence. Where do these labels originate from? They might result from remarks made about in order to us and actions toward us by others from childhood so far. But we’re always the one that sews them on. We use them because when frequently we consider them and/or even the emotion we affix to them.You’ve both good and bad labels plus they both influence what you do and beliefs with regards to you.

Negative Labels for example:

I am too fat

I am too thin.

I am not adequate enough.

I am ugly.

Men/women can’t stand me because I am not attractive.

I am unloved, unlovable and unloving.

And so on.

Positive Labels (Designer Labels) for example:

I’m able to accomplish anything I attempted to accomplish.

I am smart.

I look great.

People much like me.

I establish and keep lasting relationships.

I’m destined for achievement.

And, again, so on.

What exactly are your labels and what else could you do concerning the negative ones? The solution sounds simplistic which is: You take away the old, negative labels and replace all of them with new “designer” labels much like my pal removed labels from her dresses and replaced all of them with designer labels.

This can be done with:

Affirmations and Positive Self Talk- affirming individuals characteristics you need to do want inside your existence, with meaning and fervour on the frequent, consistent basis.

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