Styling Your Mood with Colour

When building our wardrobes and choosing which outfit or accessories to wear on any particular day, we are inclined to choose specific colours. Often, these are the colours we most favour or those that complement an essential garment. Less often are we inclined to choose a colour for its potential effect on our mood, despite it’s exceptional ability to influence and showcase our inner emotions.

Many readers will know, for example, that certain colours have emotional associations. Red is romantic but also fiery while blue is calming and cool. Wearing these colours or incorporating them into our outfits is a great way to manifest the mood in our daily lives. If we want to feel confident, we should actively choose to wear bold colours and, if we want to help ourselves relax, then we should indulge in a tranquil tone.

Rethinking How You Wear

When choosing items for your wardrobe, or if you are upcycling old clothes into something entirely new, begin by giving consideration to the utility of its colour. It is easy to fall into a habit of ‘safe’ outfits that are dominated by plain, black designs. While black as an outfit colour certainly has its emotional utility, it also acts as an anchor that can drown out the influence of other colours, so be sure to keep this in mind when added even more dark garments to your wardrobe.

Having a range of essential clothing items, from printed shirts to jackets, in each primary colour is a brilliant way to lay the foundations of a mood-positive wardrobe. This way, if you’re feeling down and would like to help nudge your day into joy (or indulge in a colour of comfort) you can, and won’t be forced to wear something adverse to your daily preference.

Variety Is The Spice

Once you have the fundamentals, then it’s time to begin finding accessories, extras, and unusual clothing items that will help to complement and develop your basic outfit. For example, a red dress is remarkably assertive, potentially being fierce or passionate, an intensity that you might not always want to carry. However, when this red is offset with a more calming colour, such as yellow, it can help to transform intensity into vibracy and excitement.

Extra layers and accessories also help you to transform our outfit and mood on the go. Putting on a shacket or scarf can accentuate your attire and make a subtle assertion about your mood, as well as influence your own feelings.

Find New Confidence

One of the reasons why it is important to try new colours in our wardrobe is not only because we might find a new colour that we love, one that we may have been too intimidated to try, but also because we begin to realise the extent of our wardrobe’s impact. With our favourite items, those repeatedly worn garments, we build ourselves into an emotion comfort zone that is, while comfortable, also restrictive.

It only takes a single item of great colour, whether an exciting pink, or a marvellous green, and we suddenly learn that our cherish browns and reds were actually preventing us from supporting social extroversion or spontanaety.

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