Summer Party: Which Swimsuit to Choose This Summer

Are you hesitating between a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit? If yes, then there is good news. This year both are in the trend. But what about the patterns, cuts, shapes and colors for this summer? Floral print, return to the shapes of the 70s to 90s, lagoon blue and lots more, discover your favorite pieces to be on top on the beach with Farfetch voucher code. Either for women, men and children, you can make selections for the whole family.

Women’s Swimwear Collection

Floral Prints

In feminine prints, the floral pattern remains an essential fashion item in your wardrobe. It is timeless and is constantly being renewed: in terms of materials, shapes and cuts. Full of freshness and cheerfulness, this is the ideal print for a swimsuit. Bet on floral patterns to reveal your style: retro, bohemian, rock or definitely romantic with Farfetch voucher code collection.

70’s Style, the Return of Retro

The 70s are making a comeback in your wardrobe this season, including swimsuits. To get into the trend, opt for a high waisted swimsuit. The advantage is that they know how to highlight your hips, whatever your figure is. As for patterns, peas, gingham or psychedelic prints are essential.

The Essentials

With a line that combines simplicity and modernity – the essentials or basics are still very popular. Making a swimsuit comfortable means that all the essential elements within a piece is in the right place. In terms of colors, there is a wide range: red, yellow, turquoise blue and flashy pink can be your ultimate choice with Farfetch voucher code. This is something to satisfy all our desires and for a colorful summer, mix the tops and bottoms of colors.

Stockings As Sensual As Bikini Tops

The Shorty

Halfway between the panties and the swimming trunks, the low-waisted and tight-fitting boyshorts know how to highlight our silhouette while slimming the hips. When it is adapted to our morphology, the shorty will make you look pretty with curved buttocks. On the look side, it has that little “sport” side that energizes your style. Take out your shorty for your Beach volleyball games or your paddle boarding outings. Do you have a weak butt?! Instead, opt for high-cut panties.

The High Leg

The High Leg panty has an ultra-high cut. It goes up on the hips for an absolutely stunning leg effect.  Retro inspiration for a very 80’s Beach look, you will love it for sure. To select for this piece with Farfetch voucher code, go for a vintage and prefer a floral and very colorful print. Very sexy, it refines the legs for a 100% feminine look.

The High Waist

The high-waisted panty goes up to below the navel. It girdles the hips and the belly and marks the waist. She has this vintage side that seduces well and makes you recall the pin-up of yesteryear. With your Farfetch voucher code, shop for a plain and sober version, combined with a more whimsical swim top. It is perfect for showing off your hourglass figure.