The Benefits and Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

We cannot deny the fact that a lot of people are very particular when it comes to their physical appearance. I supposed, this is just a usual trait, especially for those individuals, who care too much about their looks. Anyway, there is nothing wrong to think about how to be presentable in front of other people. If you are going to have a quick look at every person you meet in New York, then you may not even have a chance to stare at them for a long time because of the crowd. However, you will notice that many of them looks stunning and gorgeous. 

I guess, that’s because their fashion style matters so much. Apart from that, many of these individuals are concerned about the hair on their skin. Actually, this is true for both men and women. They usually undergo treatments for a laser hair removal in Ithaca NY. They come here, instead of shaving or waxing whenever they want to let go of their hair from different parts of the body – on the chest, face, legs, underarm, back, chin and bikini line to name a few. In my opinion, this treatment is better than taking the pain when plucking or waxing it.

Actually, this cosmetic procedure is only performed by professionals. They use a laser machine with beams of light that are extremely concentrated into the follicles, which carries the pigments that absorbs this light. Through this way, the hair is destroyed and when done right, all you can see is the skin, where it was removed. In fact, this is a precise way of removing it without damaging your skin and its surrounding area. However, before visiting an expert, it would be ideal to consult first to know more about this treatment and to find a reliable one in New York.


Basically, doing this is faster than plucking. That’s if, you do not have ample time to visit the experts. By the way, you should know that through plucking, you will end up having like a chicken skin without feathers. I am pretty sure that you can imagine how that looks like, right? And then, with shaving, you may even get hurt with a wrong move. I know that you don’t want to see that blood because this may lead to trauma. Because of this you might want to check to know how it benefits you.

You should know that with this treatment, you do not need to wait for long because this can complete an upper lip job in just a minute or less. Though for larger spots, such as your legs as well as your back, you will have to bear with it for about an hour. Anyway, it will depend on how wide or long the area would be. Therefore, every individual’s time to successfully complete one session may differ. 

By the way, the doctor will apply a medicine to the area, so that it will get numb. Due to this, you will feel comfortable during the process. After that, you will be given anti-inflammatory medicine to treat any discomfort. It will just take a few days to heal the skin. After four or six weeks, you may come again for another session. Actually, after 3 to 7 sessions, your hair may be permanently removed.  

Side Effects

After a day or two, it is normal to feel like the treated area is sunburned. This is a part of the healing process. Therefore, you may use a cool compress as well as moisturizers to help ease this feeling. You should not be worried because this is about the recovery period.

You may be experiencing changes in the pigments of the treated area. Therefore, you are required to put on sunscreen, especially when you are exposed to sunlight. Keep in mind that you will have to bear with this, since you will still have sessions in the future.

Some of you may experience blisters and that is when your complexion is darker. Aside from this, you may also notice swelling, scarring and redness of the skin. However, these are rare conditions and less likely to happen, but the risk is there. Click this to know more about the side effects.

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