The infallible guide to cleaning your shoes without ruining them

How to clean your tennis to perfection and is that these shoes will always get dirty,  no matter how careful you are,  if you live in the world and walk with your shoes on, something is always going to happen (a puddle of black water, dust ,  food that falls, mud, etc…  that makes your newly washed tennis shoes, Lil peep hoodies   which you take care of as if it were your first child,

Have an annoying stain that will not let you live in peace until it disappears.  Once you take them out of their box,   remove the padding that is there to maintain the shape and put them on,   your tennis shoes are “vulnerable” to dirt  (and there is always the possibility that a person who does not respect your personal space will step on and leave a stain in the shape of your sole on your shoes).

Not that you are obsessive, but bringing your tennis shoes (whether for running or to wear with your suit) does not like anyone, especially since there is always the possibility that you will ruin them when washing it (the skin is damaged,   the color transfers to other surfaces and putting them in the washing machine only guarantees that they will deform) dirty.

Dirty tennis shoes were a style decision when you were a child, a small rebellion that you were allowed and that you had to have to balance the fact that most of the time you lived in uniform and the rest of the days, your parents could send you away. I go back to your room if they did not like your outfit of the day, but now it’s different, and not just because you’re an adult and it’s not professional to go around with dirty clothes or tennis shoes.

The hype for tennis is stronger than ever, fans are looking for the most exclusive models  (or the most expensive) and they want to have the newest ones as soon as they go on sale,   worse having them is not enough, you have to use them and that,  you Like it or not, it means they’re going to get dirty eventually.

Fortunately, dirt can be washed and your tennis Lil peep shoes can look like new again if you take good care of them, but to do it, you need to know what to do, from the best technique to the tools you want to use, and there are at least a dozen. From experts who have shared their cleansing wisdom with the rest of the world.

From all the tips that exist, an infallible guide came out so that you can clean your tennis without damaging them.

Wash them by hand (the washing machine is not your friend)

Putting your tennis shoes in the washing machine will surely leave them clean, but it is the best way to permanently deteriorate or deform them. Using the washing machine is not necessary.

Use the right “tools”

A toothbrush, a soft sponge, and neutral white soap (because colored ones can stain them) are the only things you need. A soft brush is enough to clean, and it will not damage your tennis shoes.

Separate the shoelaces and insoles

This way you can make sure that, everything will be perfectly clean and that there are no stains or dirt hidden anywhere, in addition, by separating them, everything will dry faster.

Mix soapy water

To wash, immerse your tennis shoes in a bucket or container with water (at room temperature) and neutral soap (without perfume or color), use the brush to remove dirt and rinse with clean water to remove all the soap.

Do not use bleach

Especially if your tennis shoes are colored, the only thing that the chlorine will do is damage or stain them.

Let them dry in the shade

Lil peep shoes dry best when they are at room temperature, with the sole down and in the shade, (the sun can affect their color). If you want to prevent moisture from accumulating, you can place paper napkins inside to absorb all the liquid.

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