The Need to Be Extra Careful while Purchasing Garnet Rings

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There’s a special market for Garnets. This rare species of gemstones is unique because it features components from multiple closely-related minerals, which gives these precious stone unique chemical compositions. Although the term ‘garnet’ means ‘dark red,’ this precious stone (also known as the official birthstone for children born in January) has an old history going back thousands of years. However, since Garnet has been traded in elite circles for centuries, users need to know about the stone’s ideal cut, nature of color, expected clarity, and weight per carat to be sure of its quality.

Options Galore

If you hit the market to shop for Garnets, you’ll have countless color options, including burgundy, dark orange, green, and even dark brown. But, what type of Garnet Rings last the longest? You can maintain your Garnet stone’s vivid color by cleaning it with a smooth bristled brush and soap water regularly. If you save and invest, you can get a variety of Garnets featuring several striking colors of the spectrum. Dark red is the most common, but not your only choice. Garnets also come with color-changing features. You can get the experience of owning multiple rings from one Garnet ring as the stone’s hue changes with different lights. Want your garnet to look green? Wear it to a ballroom that has incandescent light! Know about your stone’s color spectrum before purchasing a ring.

Maximize your Style Options

In the past, a few standard cuts were used to place these precious stones into simple jewelry sets. But, if you manage to save up a bit, you can get a tsavorite or a demantoid – both different variations of Garnet that retain their carat weight, irrespective of how your jeweler cuts it. Ask your jeweler to inform you about their offerings based on the number of cuts or inclusions.

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