The Process of Creating Appealing Custom T-Shirts 


It is vital to remember that designing custom T-shirts is one of the most effective ways of boosting your brand’s awareness and take it to the next level. Besides, you can find different tools.

Most of them function through an online catalog, which means that you should type “design now” and choose a wide array of free or paid templates. We recommend you to enter here to learn more information about branded giveaways. 

You can upload various images, including your brand’s logo or message you wish to imprint. Besides, you add text depending on your preferences, which will help you create a personalized design. 

If you wish to make it more appealing, you can add something to the back of eating or even on a single or both sleeves, which will help you out with the process.

As you can see from the things we have mentioned above, you can choose any option depending on your visual business perspective. The main goal is to ensure that the design will help you market your business in the long run.

We decided to present you with a few tips that will help you out with the process.

  • Understand Purpose of T-Shirt 

If you wish to create a custom hoodie or t-shirt for your business, you can find ways to stand out from others. 

For instance, you may own a restaurant and wish your staff to wear branded T-shirts to make them stand out from customers and provide a greater awareness than before.

You can find an adequately designed option that will allow your customers to wear them as well. That way, you should find at least two different colors, one for everyone else and one for your personnel.

You may also implement something that will create a particular perspective of your business, including different products, brand name, logo, location, or other pictures and imprints that will appeal to others.

For instance, if your business features a specific name, such as Long River Brewery, you may have to add imagery to depict your name and other factors. 

You should also think about the back of it, which means that you should add some design that will be both appealing and effective. The main idea is to add your business information, your most popular products or services, and other things you wish to present.

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  • Imagine a Design Beforehand

As soon as you decide to create a custom t-shirt for your cause or business, it would be best to make an effective way to reach more people. Generally, it is an affordable marketing tool that will help you promote your business in the long run.

Each time someone decides to wear it in a movie theater or grocery store, other people will see the name of your brand, address, and additional info you wish to present to them.

Therefore, you should ensure that you add something everyone can decipher and read in a matter of seconds from a few feet away. A design should be attractive to see it as a fashion accessory and wear it in casual surroundings.

  • Simple is Beautiful

Adding a novel to your merchandise will be hard to read and problematic to others. Therefore, you should add simple-to-read letters and designs that everyone can decipher in a matter of seconds.

It would be best if you also avoided plenty of colors while doing it, which is much cheaper and more effective than going with too many colors. Besides, it would help if you used a single color and halftones to go with it, which is an essential factor.

  • Share with Your People

Finally, it is vital to bring a design before making it to your staff to get different opinions beforehand. The main goal is to reach target customers and ordinary people, which is why you should go outside your artistic approach and let others guide you towards the best design.

You should check out fonts, name of business, memorable logo, and other imagery that will be appealing and functional for bringing more people towards your business.

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The worst thing you can do is copy different designs you find on the market because that may lead to copyright infringement and other legal issues.

A primary goal is to bring people something they will adore and enjoy. It is as simple as that.


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