Top 7 Tips For Shopaholics To Save Money While Shopping In Goa

Goa is a coastal region which inscites the glimpse of beaches, sand, carnival, watersports and most importantly the picturesque beauty which drives the adrenaline to a magnified altitude.   

However, Goa is not just a destination adorned with the waters and scenic beauty. If you are a shopaholic, then Goa might be the space you were looking for. Goa is a fantastic shopping destination, where you can shop till you drop. Here you get to experience a satisfying exploration of desirable products, available in the exclusive flea market of Goa and local shops which confer products at affordable costs. Click here to know more about shopping in Goa. 

Undoubtedly shopping in Goa is a lifetime expedition, which allows you to save more and spend less for meeting your wants and preferences. This article covers the top 7 tips that a shopaholic must follow to save money while shopping in the Goan landscape. 

Best tips to Enjoy the Shopping Extravaganza in Goa 

Budget constraints is the primary reason that is curbing a shopaholic to relish a limited exposure of variegated products available in the market. Shopping in Goa can turn out to be reasonable if approached with vigilance, in alignment to the set budget. 

Listed below are some tips which will help do a witful shopping in Goa for an intensified juncture. 

1. Negotiation is the key!

Some might abstain from bargaining for reducing the price with the sellers. It is because the sellers might budge and seek a fixed rate. However, it is suggested to negotiate adopting the polite way, rather than being skirmish or bargaining for price reduction. The famous Anjuna Flea Market in Goa is comfortable for all kinds of shoppers, especially for the ones who can negotiate well.  

2. Compare rates 

The most integral sign of being a smart shopaholic is to compare prices of goods from different shops to keep at pace with the buying process. When you stay abreast with the market prices, you can choose the better option and not sign off with the expensive ones. 

3. Redeem coupon codes 

It is suggested to look for gift cards, promo codes or coupon codes which will allow you to buy products with an attached discount rate. The alphanumeric codes will grant a specified discount rate which will be applied instantly on the product. 

4. Search for an alternative 

It often happens that when you are longing to buy a specified good but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in your budget, it is recommended to go smart in this case. Go for a substitute which will not just suffice your needs but also remain within your economic periphery. 

5. Season of sales 

Choose a shopping space offering end-of-season sales, discounts and saving offers to pay less than the cost price of the product.

6. Turn up towards the local market 

The Arpora Bazaar, Panji market and many other local shops possess quality products for supply at reasonable rates. Therefore it is suggested to look out for the variety in this area and then concentrate the attention towards the malls. 

7. Make a wish list

When shopping in Goa, make sure to have a wish list comprising all the products you want to acquire. This will help you eliminate the urge to shop recklessly. Moreover, if you are a spendthrift or a hoarder, making a wish list will help you channel out the priorities in the right way. 

The Final Verdict 

Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the finest shopping destinations, covering an amazing range of products, starting from spices, fashion, bags, handicrafts, home decor, jewellery, kitchen supplies to souvenirs at pocket-friendly rates. Nonetheless, if you are a foodie, Goa is yet again a place, where you would want to come back time in again. 

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