Understanding The Types Of Wrinkles Before Undereyes Botox

According to some of the cosmetic surgeons out there, Botox around the eye areas can smoothen out the wrinkles, even though it needs to be repeated around 4 to 6 months for maintaining that rejuvenated look. This Undereyes Botox [โบ ท็ อก ตีนกา, which is the term in Thai] treatment is noted to be a perfect option for those patients who are not quite into eyelid surgery, which might result in downtime. Botox will mainly work by blocking the nerve impulses, which will cause the muscles to contract and then minimize the effects of the dynamic wrinkles. In most of the medical centers, Botox will be injected into the upper third portion of the face or the 11 lines between thee brow, horizontal forehead creases and the crow’s feet.

Botox around eyes:

The Botox around the eyes are mainly designed to soften the present appearance of the crow’s feet and the chosen 11 lines. It is also used for correcting the asymmetric eyelids or eyebrows.  However, the meticulous injections are pretty vital to avoid any form of droopy eyelids and some of the other untoward side effects in here. Some of the doctors will be using Botox just under the eyes for smoothening out the line appearance and have reported some good results. Some of the other injections might not perform the off-label process because of perceived risks like sagging and bagging of lower lid and difficulty in blinking.

Understanding the wrinkles first:

It is always mandatory for you to understand that not all wrinkle types are mitigated with the help of Botox. For example, patients whose cosmetic issues will include fine lines due to sun damage and deep creases because of soft tissue atrophy, they won’t achieve the much needed improvement from this treatment. So, understanding the points over here is really very important.

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