Unique mangalsutra pendants for the perfect bride-to-be!

Indian weddings feature many different traditions depending on the region. While this changes the rituals, clothes, and jewellery across each region, the most important accessory is the mangalsutra pendant. However, though being an important piece of jewellery, many people tend to overlook the mangalsutra pendant, and the bride ends up wearing something that does not match her style for the rest of her life. Therefore, avoid the disaster of a mismatch at your wedding and check out this guide that can help you choose the right one!

Types of mangalsutra pendant

The mangalsutra pendant comes in different styles, made from various materials, and each of these can be considered to find one suiting your style.

  1. Solitaire mangalsutra pendant

For brides who want to keep their jewellery traditional while keeping it linked to a contemporary style, a solitaire mangalsutra pendant is an ideal option. Such pendants feature a single solitaire stone attached to a traditional and dainty black bead string. You can wear a pendant like this one with traditional and western attires alike.

  1. Minimal glam

If you are into minimalistic jewellery, then a minimal mangalsutra pendant would be ideal for you. These would feature a small pendant made from gold or platinum with a black beaded chain holding the dainty pendant. Super cute options like these would look great with casual and office attire.

  1. Meenakari mangalsutra

When picking a traditional mangalsutra pendant, you definitely need to check out the Rajasthani styles as well. Rajasthani jewellery designs and styles are packed with exquisite designs perfect for women who like to keep their mangalsutra traditional with a touch of modernity. These come in vibrant colours as well, allowing brides to personalise their jewellery.

  1. Mangalsutra pendant bracelets

Another unique and trendy option you must experiment with is mangalsutra pendant bracelets. This way, you can choose a beautiful pendant or charm and wear it with your mangalsutra bracelet without letting it affect your style.

Tips to choosing the perfect mangalsutra pendant

Here are a few tips that can help you decide on which option is the right one:

  1. Check your cultural mangalsutra requirements

Each culture has a different style of mangalsutra specific to them, so you need to choose a mangalsutra pendant based on what your traditions require. Depending on this, you could personalise and choose styles that would work with your casual and office attire.

  1. Choose a versatile design

Before choosing a mangalsutra pendant, make sure you check whether it suits all your styles and occasions. This is because if you pick a style that is too traditional, then it might not suit your office and western attire. Therefore, to choose a versatile style, make sure you pay attention to:

  • Consider the overall length of your chain, including the pendant. If you are planning on wearing this necklace every day, then you might want to choose a collarbone length with a small mangalsutra pendant to match your everyday style,
  • For a versatile choice, add diamonds to your pendant. You could even add colour to your mangalsutra pendant with coloured gemstones or pearls.

The possibilities are endless! Therefore, get your basic requirements in order and choose a beautiful mangalsutra pendant that ticks all your boxes!