Want smooth and healthy hair? Avoid making these Mistakes in your hair wash routine

Wash, lather, rinse, condition, and get out of the shower. With hair wash being the majority of our routine, it should be fair to assume we know how to use hair cleanser and do the drill, right? Wrong. If you are finding it hard to combat dry and brittle hair, experts believe it lies in your showering habits and it may be time to change them. If you are looking for the ‘fresh-out-of-salon’ look, here are top 7 mistakes to avoid while washing your hair.

Using hot water: as much as therapeutic it may feel after a long day at work, avoid using hot water for hair washes at all cost. Hot water strips off the natural oil and moisture from your hair and disrupts the scalp’s pH balance. If you find cold water unpleasant, switch to lukewarm water.

Not rinsing thoroughly: Rinsing doesn’t always mean you wet your hair enough for the scalp cleanser shampoo to lather. You have to rinse your hair thoroughly at least for a minute before you apply your shampoo to remove your hair care product residue and  get rid of any gunk on the strands of your hair. Once your hair is wet from top to bottom, the shampoo will lather effortlessly and you won’t end up using too much shampoo as well.

Using shampoo too often: using shampoo every day won’t necessarily keep your scalp clean. Rinsing your hair with water alone can remove visible dirt from your hair. Excessive use of shampoo can strip off the natural oil needed for your hair to keep it moisturised and safe from damage.

Scrubbing your scalp harshly: vigorously rubbing your scalp with shampoo causes abrasion and visible scalp infections. Avoid creating damage to your scalp and hair cuticle by gently massaging the roots with your fingers or scalp.

Applying shampoo to the ends: your scalp has more oil and dirt in comparison to the lengths of the hair which is why you should apply the shampoo only on your scalp. The ends of your hair are generally dry and brittle, using shampoo and rubbing it will cause undue damage to the ends making it much dry.

Using conditioner on the scalp: applying conditioner to the roots leaves your hair more greasy and oily. Use the conditioner only athe the tip and the ends to avoid clogging the hair follicles.

Avoiding conditioners: with a busy day ahead and 10 things filling up your to-do list, it may be easier for the conditioner bottle to be overlooked. Avoiding conditioners leads to dryer and brittle hair which leads to breakage. Apply conditioner each time you wash your hair to keep it manageable and softer.

Brushing wet hair: there is no safer alternative to brushing your wet hair as it is at its weakest point and brushing it will cause unnecessary damage. All your hair to dry out naturally before you wash or style it.