Why Do I Need to Add Essence to Your Skin Care Routine

The essence (น้ำตบ, which is the term in Thai) brands may vary and different in each country, but generally they are of thin, light, fluid textures and are often similar to a milky toner. Essence does well in soothing the skin and contains a variety of rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle ingredients.

In this post, we will aim at helping you understand an essence better, so read on and inform yourself.

How Does an Essence Vary With a Toner?

An essence at a glance may be similar to a toner; however, the two differ and have their unique purpose.

What Benefit Do I Stand From Using an Essence?

An essence adds a new hydration layer to your skin, and for hydrated skin, it helps you assist the benefits of your moisturizer and serum. It activates your skin’s moisture-retaining ability and creates the perfect conditions for the rest of your skincare routine to work efficiently.

Does Essence Suit All Skin Types?

Thankfully, all skin types can benefit from essence, but dry or dehydrated skin especially is best suited for essence, leaving it nourished and hydrated. Many factors can lead to dehydrated skin, such as the ageing process, outdoor exposure, harsh products, too much coffee or inadequate drinking of water.

When and how is Best to Use an Essence?

In a simple tone, moisturise, serum, cleansing routine, you can use your essence after toning and before applying moisturiser and serum. For a complicated regimen, it is advisable to always apply before applying your moisturiser or serum so you can benefit wholly from the ingredients in them.

Concerning how, it is straightforward. You have to pour a little amount into your palms and mildly hold the essence to your face, the neck and décolletage.

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