Why Is Virgin Coconut Oil Considered A Wonder Ingredient For Hair?

The goodness of coconut oil for hair is not a secret, especially in an Indian beauty shelf. Most of you have grown up indulging in a regular head massage with warm oil on a cold day, and if you haven’t, it’s never too late.

The list of benefits of virgin coconut oil for hair is a long one as it is a cure-all potion for all your hair woes, quite literally. So if you are looking to treat your dry hair with some luxurious care, it is the best time to grab that oil bottle and massage it onto your scalp while you read out the benefits of virgin coconut oil for your hair.

1. Virgin coconut oil for hair growth:

If you want to know whether coconut oil can boost hair growth, the answer is a resounding yes. Virgin coconut oil is a great source of fatty acids and vitamins which intensely nourishes the scalp which in turn speeds up the hair growth process. While at it, the coconut oil also helps remove the sebum build- up from the hair follicles and balances the natural oil of your scalp. This makes virgin coconut oil for hair growth the best ingredient.

2. Virgin coconut oil for frizzy hair:

Frizzy hair is a complaint we all have had from our unruly hair. If you have tried everything to tame your frizz to no avail, give virgin coconut oil a try. Since coconut oil is deeply moisturising, it helps add hydration into dull strands and combat dryness. This also prevents any split ends and lifeless looking hair to give you manageable tresses.

3. Virgin coconut oil for deep conditioning:

From harsh weather to the heat styling, you and I put our hair through so much. Hit a rest button this weekend to add life into your hair by deep- conditioning your with coconut oil. Since virgin coconut oil is light-weight and penetrates well within our hair cuticles, it is a great source of vitamins to nourish our hair. A regular massage or using it as an ingredient for hair hair masks will strengthen your hair from within leaving it stronger and thicker.

4. Virgin coconut oil for treating dandruff:

Since coconut oil moisturises your hair and prevents dryness, it also effectively treats dandruff caused by dry scalp. Containing antimicrobial properties, virgin coconut oil can effectively treat your scalp from any infections.

5. Virgin coconut oil for colour- treated hair:

If you have dyed your hair crazy, you probably need coconut oil more than anything.

Colour treated hair often bears the brunt of dryness from chemicals and styling tools. If your hair is fragile, treat it with the goodness of amino acids present in coconut oil. Since coconut oil is great at seeping into the hair shafts, it can bring life back into your tresses.

Tips to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

To make the most of your coconut oil, you can follow the tips below.

  • Use it as a conditioner:

Once you shampoo your hair, use coconut oil as a conditioner by applying some from your midsection to the lengths of your hair.

  • An easy detangler:

If detangling your hair takes painful hours, spare your scalp and apply a few drops of coconut oil to detangle your hair effectively without harming your scalp.

  • Pre-wash protection:

Shampoos often strip off all the oils from our scalp making it dry and dull. Apply a few drops of oil to your scalp before your shower. This will maintain the oil balance of your scalp and prevent dryness.

  • Hair mask treatment:

Mix a few drops of coconut oil to any of your hair mask treatments to add luster to your hair scalp.

If you are searching for an organic cold- pressed coconut oil, we recommend using Coco Soul virgin coconut hair oil. Specifically prepared from fresh raw coconuts using a meticulous “cold-press technology” to retain the goodness of coconut. Coco Soul’s nourishing hair oil is packed with 100% natural ingredients beneficial for your hair.