Why You Should Moisturize Your Skin Three Times a Day

After researching the Thai skincare regimen, it occurred to me to double moisturise the skin on your body. By layering on goods based on thickness, you can pair humectant and occlusive treatments and make them operate together. In terms of body care, this translates to using a moisturiser first, followed by a body oil. Nevertheless, just as there are various step routines for your skin, there are steps for body skin as well. This is why I decided to triple-moisturize body to check if it made things look and feel even softer than usual.

The traditional basic facial routine is cleanse, tone, and moisturise, but the Eastern method goes much further, integrating serums, ampoules, oils, and moisture packs. Many of the same products are available for the body, but I’d want to focus on body serums today. They’re as diverse as those for the face and can significantly improve the smoothness of your skin.

Basically, any oil, cream, or anything in between can be termed a body serum as long as it contains exotic oils that are generally designated for the face. This includes argan, watermelon seed, camelia, tamanu, flax, chia, and all of the pricier oils that are high in fatty acids.

Although almost anything containing those oils qualifies as a serum, the bulk of products have two unique textures: cream-based and oil-based. Each has a different type of moisturising cream, so keep reading to find out which one is ideal for you.

Serums based on cream

Starting with the lightest formula and working your way up to the heaviest formula is the ideal approach for applying any product to skin. Creamy or milky serums can be used in place of a moisturiser if you’re short on time, or before lotion and oil to really prep your skin. Using nutrient-rich serums on damp skin after showering allows the formulae to spread more freely and absorb more completely. Sealing them in with heavier lotions or oils creates an occlusive layer that protects the skin while allowing the water-soluble substances to go even deeper.

Body serums provide the same skin health benefits as facial serums, including multi-tasking compositions and the ability to tackle specific skin issues. Body serums, like facial serums, are an excellent way to deliver active chemicals to the skin that our regular moisturisers cannot.

Last words

Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s time to call it quits on your favourite lotion. มายมิสด์ Serums are really beneficial as MYMIST approach fall and winter, but they should only be used as one aspect of your moisturising routine. They’re not a good replacement for regular moisturisers in colder and drier climes. While they are thought to be a tremendous boost in skin health, she emphasises that they must be followed by a moisturising lotion or cream that will lock in moisture and protect the skin’s barrier from the environment.

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